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The Carnival of Radical Feminists

June 29, 2008

The 14th Carnival of the Radical feminists was at Maggie’s Meta Watershed.

The 15th Carnival of the Radical Feminists was at Rage Against the Manchine.

And I’m doing the 16th Carnival. Contribute posts women!!! I’m having lots of fun putting the carnival together and my eyes are sore!!!


My dastardly plan worked

May 8, 2008

When I first posted my rant on Joss Whedon all those months ago, I only expected it to be read by radical feminists and obviously it was written for radical feminists. I have no problem with the fact that it has received a wider audience than that intended, in fact I think that has been pretty cool. I love that quite a few women have responded positively to what I talked about and that some women are taking on board the tools of analysis that I used in order to pull apart other aspects of Whedon’s work.

See Lindsey’s post over at the Autist’s Corner

And Saranga’s post Joss Whedon and Feminism Part 1

Nice work sisters.

I also enjoyed Jess McCabe’s comments over at the F-Word on the newest Marvel movie Iron Man.

I’ve been interested by the different reactions to the film Iron Man this weekend in the feminist blogosphere. I saw it myself on Friday night, and found it objectionable for a whole host of reasons that the soundtrack could not compensate for, running the full gamet of imperialist fantasy, racism and sexism.

One little example: every scene involving the lead character, Tony Stark, in his jet, which is staffed with women air stewards whose jobs seem to primarily involve being sexually available for him to use and as symbols to project his status, wealth and playboy lifestyle to the viewers. One big example: Stark realises that the arms trade is immoral because of his weapons ending up in the hands of Arab terrorists in caves (wonder who they’re meant to be!) Stark/Iron Man intervenes when the US military can’t because of pesky rules or something (let’s invade someplace! woohoo!); when the US army/he personally is weilding deadly weaponry, that’s OK, because they’re the good guys.

I haven’t seen the movie but being a long time X-Men fan and a Marvel Universe buff, I know intimately the racist, misogynist shit that they produce and have no doubt that her observations are correct.

I also have to thank Davina for drawing my attention to this post by Melymbrosia which is linked to this vid and this post which is absolutely necessary viewing and reading if you are a feminist, anti-racist Buffy fan. It is a fascinating, deep reading of the erasure and colonisation of women of colour, specifically looking at Nikki Wood’s coat, which was stolen by Spike, the history of which was detailed in the episode “Fool for Love”. Really thought-provoking analysis. Go read/watch.

I really think that the fact that women are not allowed to have these conversations means that these conversations are important. The fact that women are continually silenced on these issues means that is important that we continue to speak out. I think that the power that entertainment has in shaping our perception of ourselves and our lives is consistently underestimated. We need to have an understanding of how the things that we love, often as women, and as feminists, can harm us. We need to endevour to understand how and why before we can begin to articulate freedom.


The Carnival of Radical Feminists

April 3, 2008


The 11th Carnival of the Radical Feminists

The 12th Carnival of the Radical Feminists


The Carnival Against Pornography and Prostitution

April 3, 2008

The brilliant Debs from The Burning Times invests an amazing amount of time every month in pulling together the Carnival Against Pornogaphy and Prostitution. Each month is an eye-opening experience into the stark reality of what the sex industry means for women who are trapped inside it or whose safety is compromised by men’s willingness to buy, sell and trade us as sex.

The First Carnival Aganist Pornography and Prostitution

The Second Carnival Against Pornography and Prostitution

The Third Carnival Against Pornography and Prostitution

Read, cry, rage, DO SOMETHING.


Blog Warming Linkfest

January 24, 2008

I thought I’d do a quick linkfest of a few interesting things from the net and the blogosphere as a bit of a blog warming.

The beautiful Nina Simone singing Four Women and Backlash Blues:

I only checked out this website recently. Against Pornography is a fantastic resource dedicated to documenting the harms done to women and men by pornography.

Eeni B Bella does not blog often but I really enjoy her writing when she does. Sexism in the Books Read by Children I Know is a really good look at sexism in children’s books today.

Dear Mr. Post-Modernist is a really awesome angry post by Michelle against post-modernism.

I love this clip!!! Don’t you be honking at me, lad! shows exactly my feelings on cars and being honked at while crossing the road.

I’ve been meaning to link these keynote speeches given at the International Feminist Summit in July last year. I am saddened that not all the keynote speeches have been put up. Sheila Jeffreys and Catharine MacKinnon gave really awesome speeches. But these three are very, very good.

Heteropatriarchy: Globalisation, the Institution of Heterosexuality and Lesbians by the wonderful Susan Hawthorne.

Feminism: A Spent Force or Still a Force to be Reckoned with? by Betty McLellan

Indigenous Australians Plight From Denizens to Citizens 1967-2007 by Florence Onus

The courageous Rebecca Mott has started a blog which is fantastic and necessary reading.

And just up over at Women’s Space The Padlocked Vagina – Rape as Torture in the Congo brings me back to the horrific reality of the world we live in.