Blog Warming Linkfest

January 24, 2008

I thought I’d do a quick linkfest of a few interesting things from the net and the blogosphere as a bit of a blog warming.

The beautiful Nina Simone singing Four Women and Backlash Blues:

I only checked out this website recently. Against Pornography is a fantastic resource dedicated to documenting the harms done to women and men by pornography.

Eeni B Bella does not blog often but I really enjoy her writing when she does. Sexism in the Books Read by Children I Know is a really good look at sexism in children’s books today.

Dear Mr. Post-Modernist is a really awesome angry post by Michelle against post-modernism.

I love this clip!!! Don’t you be honking at me, lad! shows exactly my feelings on cars and being honked at while crossing the road.

I’ve been meaning to link these keynote speeches given at the International Feminist Summit in July last year. I am saddened that not all the keynote speeches have been put up. Sheila Jeffreys and Catharine MacKinnon gave really awesome speeches. But these three are very, very good.

Heteropatriarchy: Globalisation, the Institution of Heterosexuality and Lesbians by the wonderful Susan Hawthorne.

Feminism: A Spent Force or Still a Force to be Reckoned with? by Betty McLellan

Indigenous Australians Plight From Denizens to Citizens 1967-2007 by Florence Onus

The courageous Rebecca Mott has started a blog which is fantastic and necessary reading.

And just up over at Women’s Space The Padlocked Vagina – Rape as Torture in the Congo brings me back to the horrific reality of the world we live in.


  1. Thanks so much for saying about my new blog. You are a wonderful friend. Rebecca.

  2. A lovely little house-warming, thank you. Great music, great company, what more could you want? 😀 x

  3. Thank you very much, Allecto, for your kind words about my website! *Smile*

  4. Isn’t that elderly woman just great!

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