The Carnival Against Pornography and Prostitution

April 3, 2008

The brilliant Debs from The Burning Times invests an amazing amount of time every month in pulling together the Carnival Against Pornogaphy and Prostitution. Each month is an eye-opening experience into the stark reality of what the sex industry means for women who are trapped inside it or whose safety is compromised by men’s willingness to buy, sell and trade us as sex.

The First Carnival Aganist Pornography and Prostitution

The Second Carnival Against Pornography and Prostitution

The Third Carnival Against Pornography and Prostitution

Read, cry, rage, DO SOMETHING.


  1. Oh Allecto you’ve almost made me cry! Thanks so much for this encouragement xxx

  2. Hey Debs don’t cry. I feel so bad about taking so long to link to your fantastic carnival. I’m a terrible, lazy blogger. You deserve all the praise and encouragement that comes your way.

  3. Yes yes yes–Debs is like *Super Blogger*.

  4. Well done Debs. For saying what you mean, meaning what you say, and sticking to it in the face of all the mud that’s been slung at you.

  5. You’re gonna make me cry again! Thanks everyone – hahaaa “super blogger” – maybe I should make a cape? 🙂 xxx

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