Football players are gang rapists

May 15, 2009

At the moment Australia is a little bit upset because yet another football team has been going around gang raping women. They are calling this ‘event’ (as if it only happened one time) a ‘sex scandal’ (as if sex had anything to do with it, unless sex is rape, which, you know, a case could be made for that point). In any case the women who are being raped and seriously harmed by the violence of these men are being sidelined. It is the reputation of the club/player/institution that is being tarnished. It is the sad ruination of a career, the mussing up of a happy family (yeah, like the wife and kids aren’t getting raped as well), etc, etc. My heart bleeds.

What I don’t get is why this is ‘shocking’ news. Men rape women. The more power a man has access to, the more women he has access to rape. Men gang rape women. They coerce, intimidate and force women into sexual submission. Football players are men. Football players have access to a lot of power and hence a lot of women. Football players, like all men, are powerfully attracted to other football players. They see women as their inferiors. As women could never be seen as, or treated as equals, these men primarily bond with each other and their homoerotic games are obvious to anyone who has eyes. Football is just a socially approved way that men show off their love for one another. Gang rape is the sexual extension of men’s homoerotic desire for one another.

So footie players gang-rape teenage girls, well duh!! Of course they do. No one is surprised that they do, in fact they are expected to do so. How else can they express their homosexual desires for each other? How else can they prove their manliness to their team-mates?

Last weekend I flew from Perth to Sydney. It was a 4 and a half hour flight. As I was getting on the plane I noticed a bunch of hulking brutes, all wearing identical t-shirts, standing in the queue to board the flight. From their appearance, I guessed they were a football team. I couldn’t believe the unluck of the situation. The grotesque men had porn magazines stuffed under their arms. Disgusting creatures. I was so worried when boarding that flight. I dreaded that I would be seated next to or near the fuckers and I had no idea how I could deal with that situation. Four and a half hours sitting near a bunch of serial gang rapists.

Thankfully, though I was seated near the gross, disgusting, misshapen creatures, they must have been tired, or too busy group masturbating into their porn mags to make much noise. But the situation really pissed me off. Surely women should have the right to board a plane that does not contain probable rapists. Why do I have to be assaulted by the presence of rapist men, who are blatantly affirming their exulted status as rapists, by carrying around pornographic magazines? This is fucked up, women.

I think there is a very simple solution to the ‘problem’ of the team sport of gang-raping that is so popular as a form of gay male bonding between football players. Mandatory castration of all men who play football and all men who watch football. This would be a quick and easy solution. The violent, woman-hating ‘sport’ will disappear overnight and women will be a little bit safer in this fucked up and dangerous world, full of fucked up and seriously dangerous men.

Football would not exist in a world where women are free and liberated. Nor would the gang rape of teenage girls. Goddess, how I wish, hope, rant, plead and pray for such a world. To all of the many, many women and girls out there who have been raped by football players and their fans, I love you. Thank you for speaking out, for surviving. I hold you in my heart. Your courage is immeasurable. Don’t give up. There are many, many women out here who believe you, who respect you. You are not nothing. You will never be nothing. They are the ones who are nothing.


  1. I like your castration idea. I’d take a step further and castrate all male babies at birth.

  2. Total agreement, Allecto. And, really, it’s just packs of males, period. They don’t even have to be congregating for sport, as the many many gang rapes by collegiate fraternities here in the US illustrates.

  3. Great post Allecto. Football is a metaphor for gang rape, thats why men like it so much. The ball symbolizes the woman, who gets kicked around till one gang, or another boots her into touch and scores a reproductive goal.
    The homoerotic and homosocial love men feel for each other, allows them to work together as a team to reproductively control women (male supremacy). That is why men get so excited about the game, it has symbolic meaning.
    It has meaning to me too, every time I hear their deranged bellowing at the end of a match, I know humanity is going nowhere.

  4. I love this article Allecto – you are so spot on! I am not at all surprised about this but it is good that it is being some-what acknowledged that male football players (particularly the very unattractive, disgusting, unfeminine, hairy, no necked rugby variety) are rapist scum, pieces of shit on the bottom of my shoe.

  5. BBB- thats how I feel sometimes too, after reading far too many stories like these.

    Margaret- absolutely. Gang rape is a standard practise amongst brotherhoods. Footballers and their male fans are only one example of homoerotic bonding which is always and inevitably played out upon the bodies and lives of women and girls.

    helzeph- I had never really thought about it but this makes total sense. Certainly competative, violent sports are always about possession and ownership. At the end of the game the prize is a cup, which is of course a blatant gyn symbol. Yes, the deranged screaming scares me too. I always think that football is like religion… but in these times, scarier, as it weilds more social power than religion.

    Amazon- Yes, I do think it is good that the media is paying a little more attention to this issue than usual. But this story will disappear in not too long, just like every other time women have been raped by footballers, it gets brushed aside very quickly, and I doubt the grotesque male creatures will change at all. I do hope that women and girls pay attention to this though and learn to distrust men and stay the fuck away from them as much as possible.

  6. great post allecto, and comments!

  7. Allecto, you are such a beacon for me.

  8. Thanks Rain!

    Emzy, *hugs* you are too sweet!

  9. You are so right about the homo-erotic component, Allecto. If only they would face up to it and remove the Clares from the middle of their orgy and put their own precious pig skin prairie oysters up for sacrifice 😦 Though I seriously doubt that they can form the macho bond without defiling another being – they need to other the weak in order to remain erect.

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  11. There is no remedy for this situation other than to halt the emergence of any more human males.

    These stories are only reported for their titillation value. So that teenage boys can copy-cat their heroes.

  12. The teeny tiny, eensy weensy consolation in this is that football is incredibly destructive to the human body and brain–the effects underreported.
    Shit-for-brains are bound and determined to wipe themselves off the Earth.
    If only we could liberate ourselves in the meantime.

  13. Gday Allecto,

    This is the most radical comment on the whole football saga I’ve heard. Goodonya! I agree that the only solution I can see short of killing them is to cut off their genitals. That would at least be a good start, to tide us over while they underwent social re-conditioning.

  14. Football players live in a war zone – they are packs of warriers competing (unfortuntely they don’t usually permanantly destroy each other) and rape is a weapon and part of their disgusting war-like behviour.

  15. Allecto, this is a brilliant post and certainly applicable to American sports-dudes as well. In my state there recently has been media attention given to a young man who was awarded a full college football scholarship at the local university. He had been convicted as a young teenager in the rape (with a friend participating as well–is two considered gang rape?) of a 12-year-old girl (his cousin!). Oh, he’s changed! his acquaintances swear. And in the lowest of all ploys, he convinced his raped cousin to present her forgiveness of him and affidavit as to his change into a model citizen as well. Maybe I’m hanging out on too many radfem blogs written by genius women, but I swear I feel like “original sin” was testosterone and that a civil and safe society can only be produced if Mary Sunshine’s suggestion is implemented.

  16. Thanks for all the comments sisters, I’m hearing you all.

    Level Best, that is so fucked up.

    I guess my deepest wish if for all women to separate from men. If male children had no men around to beat them into manhood, maybe we’d all be a little bit safer.

  17. Powerful post.

    Though I really doubt that castration is the answer. I’m sure that castrated men would still find a way to rape/molest women. They’d just use other means.

  18. your right ss they would still find ways to rape therefore shooting them would be more effective 🙂

  19. Yeah you are both right Susan and Kate. But I don’t think that football would exist if mandatory castration was part of the rules. And a world without football would be a good one, in my opinion.

  20. womons football is soooo much better so much ‘less the testo hype’ so much more thoughtful and skillful….yup ban all male sports…castrate em where it hurts the most!!!!!!
    Many cases of gangrape by these tossers in UK have never been brought to trial the CPS says evidence too flimsy as all the bastards state the womon was willing and consented…and of course gang rape is every male fantasy and cos they want to do it the womon will be willing just like in their sicko minds and the porno they collectively consume gives them permission to abuse womon in this way…and how right you are Allecto when you say it is all about male reputation and nothing about the rights and autonomy of womomkind….

  21. Totally agree with you-was on holiday last week and had to share a hotel with a whole bloody team from the UK. They were not as bad as I had expected but kept walking around in their kit outside training times as if they were amazing (some without their tops on-show off much?). The supporters were hideous: fat, middle aged bald men. Their devotion was totally pathetic, they were loud, rude, obnoxious. Like you say, they (players and supporters) rape women because they are insecure with their own sexuality, so go overboard with a macho mindset. Goes for rugby players also. I fucking hate jocks.

  22. There might be a connection with pornography and mobile phones which correlates directly with football players and impressionable females due to there being a kind of social ‘group consumership’ medium developing owing to the MB being a multimedia device that can both download porn and also make amature video ‘reconstructions’ of popular titles viewed by said football players. I point to the ‘pack mentality’ of the footy bloke and the ‘pack compatability’ that the mobile phone offers them.

    What do you guys think about this, considering the ‘Christchurch 4 Corners report’ featured mobile phones quite heavily?

  23. I was reading the posters on the wall at my vets office, and the one about why you should neuter your dog was hilarious. Neutering (castration) prevents them from impregnating, lowers testosterone related hostility and aggression, stops unwanted mounting (I guess rape could be considered unwanted mounting), and stops most roaming. There were some other health benefits like less risk of cancer too.

    I do know that when I was young we had a male dog with some leg hound and aggression issues. This surgical procedure yielded a docile dog that never molested again

  24. Allecto, you are more outspoken than ME (if that’s possible). I was drugged and gang raped many years ago — not by a football team, but close enough … frat guys. It always surprises me that some people are unaware how widespread gang rape was in the sixties.

    Take a look at my blog when you have time. It’s long, but gives pretty good insight on how gang rape was planned and carried out. I used to say “why me” until I realized I was a perfect victim.

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  26. The original video Allecto posted is gone now, “a copyright claim” I had to do some searching, as long as you put in “sex scandal” lots of stuff comes up (on youtube) Any video left on youtube, has sex scandal in the title and not RAPE! This wasn’t some fucking affair with another Women, this was a gang rape! Basically what is left on youtube, is people from that football channel, saying what a good guy he is, how he made a mistake and he’s sorry…… Absolutely fucking disgusting, that man is a fucking rapist!

    Sorry, I keep posting on old posts, if this is bothersome please let me know. Eddie

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