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More Exposure For Missing Black Women

October 5, 2008

Sign the petition. Because Black women matter.


Bill Henson’s ‘art’ is sick

June 3, 2008

Bill Henson, and most of Australia’s ‘artistic’ community, thinks that it is ‘artistic’ to take naked, sexualised pictures of children. It isn’t. From the Bravehearts petition to the Prime Minister:

We are appalled by the level of support given to Henson in light of the police seizure of his photographs, which has been issued primarily by people defending the rights and freedoms of artists at the expense of the rights and freedoms of children. There is no denying that art has an important role in society. But artists, like every other adult, have a responsibility to protect children from exploitation. The artistic pursuit of personal emotion, curiosity or expression cannot be sanctioned where this pursuit violates existing human rights and betrays the same laws by which the rest of society lives.

The sexualisation of children and young people for the alleged purpose of art – or any other purpose – is counterproductive to the best interests of child protection. It plays directly into the hands of those who want to liberate children and young people from the laws which protect them.

Sign the Petition against Bill Henson’s child pornography.

What I noticed about his photographs is the fact that all of his models are white. They are pimple-free with glossy hair. The female children sometimes wear make-up. The male and female children are photographed together in sexualised senarios. None of the children are fat, none of the children are happy or playing. They are often photographed in a studio with no or few clothes on, few props and dark lighting. The female children have long hair, the male children have short hair.

An example of Henson’s ‘art’:
Bill Henson


Anti Porn Petition

April 21, 2008

The wonderful Demonista has started an anti-porn petition to stop Rogers from selling women as sex. Rogers are a Canadian corporation, who started in radio in the 30s. They became big in the 70s, after they branched into TV. They have since expanded, buying other corporations, entering the US market and buying US stations, buying the Toronto Skydome and renaming it Rogers Centre (a major sports, music concerts, etc arena) adding internet, cell phones, movies On Demand and Pay Per View, movie stores, home phone service, etc. They’re Canada’s largest provider of cable, one of the largest for their other services. For more info about Rogers go here.

But most importantly go sign the petition. Because while women are bought sold and traded as sex we will never be seen as human.