Poetry is not a luxury

Short Stories

The Blood of Women
Lot’s Wife
The Unveiling

Experimental prose/poetry

The Prophetess
Raped Down to Almost White
Myself in your Scars
Women’s Liberation


We will not slumber until every woman wakes
She is Risen
The Other Woman
All the faces of shame
Many Teared Soliloquy
That Girl


  1. The Prophetess poem:I love it!!

    Please if you can submitt this pose/poem to “The Womens Room Earthspirit festivilal”. They are running a exhibition with the subject of Water. you can submit to Karinm@tpg.com.au by aug 1st. It will give the chance for lots of other women to learn and hear the whispers of their hearts made real.
    lots of love and truth and power to you. Naomi, she who also listens to the voice of the Earth speak.

  2. Thanks, Naomi. I’ll definitely submit it. Thanks for letting me know.

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