They said: ‘You are a savage and dangerous woman.’

I said: ‘I speak the truth and the truth is savage and dangerous.’
-Nawal El Saadawi

allecto is a 30 year old, radical feminist lesbian, a descendant of a First Nations people, vegetarian, child-care worker; a creative, passionate, alive, inspired, woman. She is a Spinster, a Virgin, a Nag; a Harpy, a Fury, a Fate; a Witch, a Webster, a Muse (and she reads too much Mary Daly). She believes that Sisterhood is the most powerful force in the Universe.

Links to my creative writing can be found here: Poetry is not a luxury.

dis_senter and I publish feminist creativity over at Spinning Spinsters. We welcome contributions from fellow Spinsters. Email them to: allectospoison@yahoo.com.au


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To Men
To Women


Let it all hang out. Let it seem bitchy, catty, dykey, frustrated, crazy, nutty, frigid, ridiculous, bitter, embarrassing, man-hating, libelous, pure, unfair, envious, intuitive, low-down, stupid, petty, liberating. We are the women that men have warned us about.

Goodbye to those simple-minded optimistic dreams of socialist equality all our good socialist brothers want us to believe. How much further will we have to go to create those profound changes that would give birth to a genderless society. Profound, sister. Beyond what is male or female. beyond standards we all adhere to now without daring to examine them as male-created, male-dominated, male-fucked-up, and in male self-interest. Beyond all known standards, especially those easily articulated revolutionary ones we all rhetorically invoke. beyond – to a species with a new name, that would not dare define itself as Man.
Robin Morgan (goodbye to all that)

that no matter what you have done
i am still here.
and it has made me dangerous, and wise.
and brother,
you cannot whore, perfume, and suppress me anymore.
i have my own business in this skin
and on this planet.
Gail Murray

we need a god who bleeds now
a god whose wounds are not
some small male vengeance
some pitiful concession to humility
a desert swept with dryin marrow in honor of the lord

we need a god who bleeds
spreads her lunar vulva & showers us in shades of scarlet
thick &warm like the breath of her
our mothers tearing to let us in
this place breaks open
like our mothers bleeding
the planet is heaving mourning our ignorance
the moon tugs the seas
to hold her/to hold her
embrace swelling hills/i am
not wounded i am bleeding to life

we need a god who bleeds now
whose wounds are not the end of anything
(Ntozake Shange, We need a god who bleeds now)

One comment

  1. Just wanted to say I’m still here and still loving you. 🙂

    I’ve rarely seen such unflinching and unapologetic anger toward men and their patriarchy as I seen in your writing. I also love your amazing openness to all the womyn who are willing to listen to our radical women’s liberation cause.

    Soon I’ll be ready to come back online.

    And I’m still planning on coming visit you in Australia sometime, btw. 😉

    *Hugs* Allecto.

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