That Girl

May 22, 2009


Something I wrote the other day on the train. I’m having a great deal of difficulty doing any creative writing at the moment. This is the first poem I’ve written in months.

That Girl

sometimes I forget about that girl
who molded her body,
like it was clay
molded her figure
around and
into his palm
fear pooling

sometimes I forget about
that girl
putting on her face
a different one
for each day
to mark her presence

sometimes I forget

that girl who
hitches up that skirt
curves her ass
just that way
to fit into his eyes
knee-high boots
squirming on the dance floor

“smack my bitch up’
‘superman dat ho’

and sometimes I am that girl
soaking it up
bleeding bits of myself
on the dance floor
and they watch
and they watch
and they watch
and they watch

sometimes I forget
but mostly I remember

sometimes I wonder where
she’s gone to
where she got to
seeing slivers
of other girls
catching the corner of my eye
and I think she’s gone
far away

but mostly
I feel her inside me
that girl
she jab me fierce
watching men
watching her
she is in me still
watching men
watching other girls

skin tight jeans
dark lined eyes
and a smile to say she don’t give a shit

that girl
she in me now
curve of her ass
my body
her body
fits into her own hands
and she comes
when I come
and here she is
smiling now
and giving him/they/them
the fucking finger


  1. {{{ Allecto }}} Very affecting. Thank you.

  2. I really like this, thanks for posting it.

  3. curves her ass
    just that way
    to fit into his eyes

    Good poem, I love the above lines. Women have to be contortionists to even roughly approximate the weird visions behind men’s eyes. I swear (when it comes to us) they are hallucinating from puberty onwards.

  4. Thanks sisters! You make me happy.

    I think that is my favourite line too, helzeph.

  5. Oh Allecto, I love that poem – it speaks. thank you for sharing it. this bit resonated like a cello…

    that girl
    she in me now
    curve of her ass
    my body
    her body
    fits into her own hands

  6. Thanks feminamist. I am glad you liked it. 🙂

  7. Hi. That poem is incredible. I forgot about good poetry and its ability to make sense of things. Thank you. Keep writing. I just stumbled onto your blog looking for a pic of Sheila Jeffreys and im really glad i did. You are doing great stuff. Im sure you would hate me for my wishy-washy post-structuralist feminism and im sorry that is the case. But just know i really respect what you are doing. All the best. Keep fighting.

  8. Hey melbournegal. I don’t hate any woman ever for whatever reason… although I might hate their politics… or understanding of feminism. But I don’t go around hating on women… we get enough of that from men. I’m really sorry if you got that impression of me from my blog.

    Thanks so much for your compliment on my poem. It means a lot to me that other women can connect with my writing… even if they do disagree with me on other matters. ❤

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