Poetry is not a luxury

May 2, 2008

For me creativity is central to my feminism and to feminist resistance. Often I am unable to write directly about the things that I think and feel. I also find it difficult to write about my childhood and my past. So writing creatively, and sometimes painting or dancing, singing etc, is absolutely necessary for tapping into myself, for sorting out my thoughts and feelings, for giving myself a voice. Like Audre Lorde, for me, poetry is not a luxury.

I’ve set up a page with links to all of my creative works that have been published online thus far: Poetry is not a luxury.

In sisterhood and creative resistance,



  1. Yaaay! Will be reading these in spare time (which sometimes *is* a luxury). Still looking into poetry chat thingie…
    Thanks for this allecto.

  2. Seconding the yay. I’d love to be involved in the poetry thingie.

  3. Thanks all. Also definitely looking forward to the chat thing.

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