Occupy Perth = Colonising Women (anarcho/socialist/leftist style)

October 31, 2011


When confronted (I took his picture and called him a fuckhead with all the venom I could muster), dude says, “Hey, you are being violent to me!!!” Poor little man attacked by nasty feminists for not doing anything at all! He valiantly tried to defend himself saying that his father bought him the t-shirt from Thailand! And the t-shirt WAS NOT VIOLENT in the slightest. Not like us nasty, mean feminists.

Misogyny? I’m loving it! Are you?


  1. Jeez, his daddy bought it for him, he didn’t know what it meant, rilly he didn’t, why you being meanies to him! I have heard some pathetic excuses in my time…

  2. Total fuckhead. It’s a double-whammy too because it’s misogyny that references a bastion of capitalism!

  3. Fuckwit. I confront men who wear evil t-shirts like this–it’s exhausting. they get all huffy, and say stupid things like; “ever heard of free speech?” To which the only reasonable reply is, “Why yes, in fact I am exercising my right to free speech right now. Are you sure you want to wear a t-shirt that proclaims to the world that you are a dim-witted asshole? Yea. Free speech. Rock it out, man.”

  4. Why yes, in fact I am exercising my right to free speech right now. Are you sure you want to wear a t-shirt that proclaims to the world that you are a dim-witted asshole? Yea. Free speech. Rock it out, man.

    why yes, yes that is the only reasonable response! thanks easily riled! and thanks allecto for publically shaming him.

  5. And he bought it from Thailand, no-one being exploited by porno- capitalist colonialism there. I think he just about reached bottom, jerk. You showed remarkable restraint. How awful.

  6. Geez, the Daddy excuse seems to be the new male defense for doing something horrifying or mildly dreadful… one of the coaches who witnessed the boy rape at Penn State University this week, reported that he called his Daddy after he witnessed the rape and progress and did nothing about it at all until he got home.

    So he used the “I called my Daddy” excuse before the grand jury…. must be a new global patriarchal tactic yu—uh uh (twirling mustache)

  7. Allecto, so glad you’re still here vibrantly and spiraling with gynergy. I’ve changed my online name (as of tonight) but you and I used to communicate on and off your blog before I took a long hiatus. For awhile I posted regularly with photos and commentary to some anonymously authored blogs I was running (e.g., “No Excuse for Men”), but couldn’t then spend time updating and also keep food on the table (not having a trust fund and having taken some major professional hits as woman-identified women tend to do in patriarchy.) Guess I also had to learn the hard way in my “real life” how internalized the global mass-media-sized misogyny has spiked in women — at least here in CA/USA — who don’t even seem to know who’s selling them down the man-stream polluted river.

    Woman-hating (insidious especially when done in that “cutesy” boys-will-be-boys way) seems to be everywhere in the foreground, even in Australia, by what you’ve posted here. Fascinating how Mary Daly’s works keep inspiriting with the foreground/background analysis. Her book, Pure Lust (elemental radical feminism), has become my rad-fem bible — it’s a lot to chew on in every sentence, and it’s taken me six years since finding it by fortuity to start using it like the text it is. (Fittingly, a woman had inscribed her gift of the book to a male she hoped “would by reading understand,” and he of course re-sold it to a second-hand bookseller. I cannot imagine parting with my copy of it. Challenging though it is to absorb, I find it my surest guide to methods of how to reach the background.)

    Also, Daly wrote it before so much trauma from the phallocracy in her academic life had worn her down as her aging progressed, and thus as a text it’s analytically labrys-sharp at every turn. Pure Lust is seldom featured on any lists of Daly’s work where media-men, token torturers or faux feminists have any control, so of course it’s a powerful work of liberation if used as a text. Re-membering together … Maybe all the women-haters’ t-shirts would unravel if we spun new radiant ways to appreciate each other. Meanwhile I’ll keep not shaving my legs.

    Because I can wear pants, dressed up with jackets, in all social situations (at least one boon of equity feminism in the USA), not shaving my legs is available as an option as I “pass.” Not that Sec. of State Clinton could wear pants consistently when she ran for Pres., and certainly no Pres.’s consort can if First Lady Obama’s designer garb and the infamous blue dress of Ms. Monica Lewinsky are indications. To “pass” so as not to starve in the USA by being able to make a monetary living among the phallocrats, I need only pluck the post-menopausal hairs around my mouth, pluck my eyebrows where they’re getting gnarly, die my gray roots atop my head, keep a trendy layered haircut, add a blush of lipstick and rouge, a pat of powder, a smudge of eyeliner and mascara. No nail polish on the hands required for passing, I have learned by experimentation, and wearing closed-toed flats in all seasons solves not getting the toenails “done.”

    If I had a better plan than passing, I’d take it. But for 6 years now, since my rad-fem awakening, there have been no options as a woman who chooses not to live among men (or male-idenitified women) but to pass and thus survive in the rad-fem diaspora. Sometimes with male-identified women, straight or lesbian (because most lesbians today in the USA are GLBTetc. identity-politics lesbians on the male-identification if not BDSM model —not radical feminist lesbians), I have moments of sparking gynergy that hint at what’s possible. Then media-crafted presence of absence grabs hold & I escape to nature’s background once again, among the elements man never made.

  8. Men say this because they secretly want to suck their dads’ cocks.

  9. Yours is such a telling photo, Allecto, memorable for all it states in one image about man-made pornified woman-hating culture, here I am commenting again (before by Gail Green & email). The symbol of the reality of men reducing women to what’s between our spread-open legs — and thinking they have right of access — makes me want to be a mermaid. Maybe we’ll evolve that way … parthenogentic mermaids who birth only women-babies after moon bathing.

    Meanwhile, I’m blogging a bit again at wordpress (and for this non-tekkie, that takes a sufficient amount of out-rage to do). The grown-up high-heeled spread fe-male legs on a man’s shirt of this photo taken in Australia are matched by the pink-wearing baby whose posed legs are spread (aka smokin’) on a public service announcement in California that subliminally operates as an incitement to the excitement of male danger via male agents perpetrating fe-male child sexual pornography and abuse.

    Do I think there was a conscious decision to be woman-hating in either case? I don’t know. But I do see evidence everywhere of brainwashing for misogyny (and its reversal, the idealization of men). Just today on the internet home page is a “which of these great movie dads do you wish you’d had?” The holiday films this year elevate, duh in dudeland, male figures. Most of us as women had inadequate if not sexually abusive dads, and a film fantasy won’t change how men at large and in general behave. But a film fantasy will give false hope. The mental media onslaught is unrelenting. What will help us as women are the connections to each other, to wild things (as long as they don’t bite), to the natural elements, to our creativity.

    Invoke Goddess, too, or Name Her as Powers of Be-ing. Nemesis has never liked the malegod. She’s laughing all the way to Solstice that his pathetic reign is over.

  10. What a pathetic piece of shit. Not surprised his father is one too.

  11. This is the guy who got arrested for getting onto that whaling ship.
    No kidding.

  12. Oh my goodness. I just looked it up and it is the same guy who boarded a Japanese whaling ship! So I guess the message is, “don’t kill whales, rape women instead”?

    • I’ve actually seen that guy around town also, we have a few mutual friends so to speak. He’s a dickhead through and through.

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