Family Courts: Australia

April 11, 2010

I’ve spent the day watching youtube vids and researching the situations of the Family Courts in Australia. I don’t think that I could write anything coherent on the subject… it is just too horrific and disturbing. I’ll let you watch the evidence yourselves.

I saw the real ‘Beth’ speak at a protest in Perth about a year ago. Her story will haunt me always.

We just need to look after these children. This is our duty. It’s my moral obligation as a mother and I believe it is the community’s obligation to start speaking up against this. Kids don’t need to die. Parents don’t need to suicide. This does not need to happen. But the courts need to change the way they’re hearing us. They don’t need to hear hysterical. They need to hear women who are screaming for help. Please help us.

I don’t even know why I’m telling you this again. I mean I’ve told so many people… I’ve told this 1000 times but no one seems to listen to what I have to say… I mean, really listen to what I have to say.

I went to the authoritative bodies that I thought could help my son… who all believed me and they believed my son. But when we got to the Family Law Court I was told that they were under-qualified to give evidence… When we went to the law courts no evidence of my son was listened to… I wasn’t listened to. I was told I was a pathological liar, and a lunatic, for believing my son. All the bodies that are in place to help children and help people in my situation were completely disregarded.

…and we were safe for about 3 months. Then the Federal Police came and they took her and they said… “oh, you’ll get her back in about a month”. That was 10 years ago. They’ve said I’m obsessive and compulsive. I keep writing reports. I keep trying to plead with them and give them evidence and they ignore everything. She’s now self-harming and has been for a long time. And since the age of 6 she’s been sexually abused by her step brother in the presence of her father… that’s family protection in Australia.


  1. This is heartbreaking

  2. I have been very moved by these films, thanks for your research. I can see they are now trying to bypass marriage as a device for male ownership of children. They are using co-habitation alone to confer equal custody rights on fathers, and then using the court system to give them even greater rights. They will, if they can. back father rights up with DNA evidence.

    Women who want children may have to think out entirely new strategies for selecting a mate. Find some attractive professor, do research, check him out from a distance, when you are sure, go get him, take a sperm collector with you, durex. If you do have your baby never tell, never see him, at least until the children are over sixteen. When they ask you in the hospital who the father is tell them it was a holiday romance and you found out afterwards that he had lied to you about his real name. Then burst into tears. You will then have sole custody of your child as long as you don’t live with another man. They are actually giving preference to step fathers over biological mothers in some courts cases now.
    I think having children should be a cool calculated decision these days. Get yourself the best quality mate, none of your riffraff, because he makes a whole load of romantic promises he will never keep. It also raises many possibilities for women to set up, self supporting mother tribes.

  3. These stories are not new, the inability of women to help them is also current *status quo*. In the 70s and 80s, there were underground railroads – but Family Law being federal, not state changed that.

  4. I can’t watch those because I know I would break my heart, but I will relate the following anecdote – once, while working in a feminist bookshop, I had a conversation with a woman lawyer who worked with women fleeing abusive husbands, and their children. And she said the one thing she had learned you had to do in family court was never accuse the man of abusing the kids or his wife, because that virtually guaranteed she would lose custody and never see her children again.

  5. This is so depressing. I hope these women pull through.

    I have heard a lot of problems about the current conservative government in Australia. The current Prime Minister is an anti-women, anti-choice, anti-gay cad.

  6. That is amazingly disturbing. I just can’t believe it.

  7. Happy birthday Allecto.

  8. Hi, Allecto,

    Just wanted to say how inspiring your work is here. These are such crucial issues. I appreciate this courageous and clear-headed blog. Thank you!

  9. Thanks karmarad. I really need to update my blog more often.

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