Rebeldias Lesbicas

February 10, 2010

Incredibly moving video made by Alejandra (Jana) Aravena, a South American lesbian feminist.

Slide show made for the first commemoration of the rebellions Lesbian, October 13.
The sequences are a personal view of the rationale and working from feminism. It is also an account of the referents of lesbian-feminist political training I’ve had.

Hat tip to Isabelle.


  1. this is so beautiful, it makes me want to learn Spanish just so i can understand the words-though the pics are wonderful on their own

  2. Yes, this video is pretty incredible. Young lesbians in Brazil are really starting to get something moving. It is so inspiring.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this, it is so strong!
    I wish I could understand spanish!

    Where I live, feminism doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, or have any real (radical) meaning.
    Institutions, gender studies and nice speeches about equality are hiding violence against us, and radical feminists/lesbians have just vanished somewhere during the 90’s.

    I’m so glad when I meet other radicals from different cities and countries, it keeps me going on new projects, we all have our issues, but we never really stop resisting.

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