Aussie Rad Fems ROCK!!!

September 24, 2009

I don’t really think much of the online Australian feminist networks (with the exception of Coalition for a Feminist Agenda). I think they are really great for the liberal feminists and of course anything that gets women working together and talking together is fantastic but there are many things about those spaces that is alienating to someone like me. The heteronormativity and lesbophobia of those spaces is quite obvious… but there is also the radfemphobia which I always find more than a little aggravating. But that is fine. I am perfectly capable of figuring out whether I will be welcome or not and modifying my browsing habits and links list accordingly. But it has in the past left me feeling a little isolated.

This state of affairs has changed quite dramatically in the last couple of months with some really awesome Aussie radical feminists adding their voices to the feminist blogging world. It has been so amazingly refreshing to read the voices of my Australian sisters, women with radical perspectives with women’s liberation set firmly in their sights. I am definitely feeling like I have a home here. Not that there is anything wrong with my international sisters. I love them too!!!

The internet is such a strange place, projects start up and vanish so quickly. Feminists do everything they do out of a love for themselves and of womenkind but sometimes our energy wanes. Real life intrudes. Obviously, my poor blog gets neglected far too often. Hopefully, now that winter has ended I will feel alive enough to start writing again. I miss writing. I miss this blog.

Anyways, here is a list of my Aussie sisters:

miss Andrea
Linda Radfem

Now all we need to do is keep blogging!!!

As an aside does anyone else miss The Carnival of Radical Feminists? I really do. I think we need to bring it back and make it monthy again.

Oh, and I turned 28 at the end of last month so I’ll have to change my info.


  1. Hey Allecto! Thanks for the mention, and thanks for all the awesome links. Some of them I already knew but clearly my blogroll must be updated.

    Had no idea there ever was a carnival of RADICAL feminists, but yes I agree we should bring it back. Too often I’ve put my sense of isolation within the ausfemblogosphere down to either my neurodiversity, or personal failings – when really I was probably just surrounded by libfems who strangely, can often present as radical, depending on the issue being discussed. Expressing openly your opposition to marriage is one way to fast-track your sense of isolation in the local feminist blogosphere – I discovered this the hard way.

    Great idea to help put us all in touch with each other – looking forward to talking some more!

  2. Hi Linda,

    I’ve seen you around and enjoyed your comments but I didn’t know you had a blog or that you were an Aussie until I stumbled upon it yesterday. It was great to read you.

    Yes, I am not surprised that your opposition to marriage pissed off the lib fems. My issues with the Aussie feminist bloggosphere has been related to the whole trans business.

    Hmm… I definitely will be looking into starting the carnival back up. I have to get in contact with Heart.

  3. I too miss this blog.

  4. Thanks for the heads-up, allecto. There’s some familiar names on your list and a few others I wasn’t aware of. Looks like my blogroll needs updating, too. Australian feminist bloggers seem to be overwhelming young, white heterosexual women. Most are liberal feminists, rather than radical (or even socialist, lesbian separatist or anarcha-) feminists and most are overly-cautious about alienating men. Liberal feminists do a good job discussing some issues but there’s underlying radfemphobia that limits the scope of the discussion. I have similar issues with the idea of “transphobia”…particularly considering the scant attention given to lesbian issues.
    Hope you can get in touch with Heart. There are a lot of women who are worried about her and anxiously awaiting her return.

  5. Thanks Macarena. 🙂

    redmegaera, totally agreeing here with everything you’ve said. I guess it isn’t all that surprising given that the internet is a luxury for middle-class women. And blogging takes a hell of a lot of time and energy. Young, childless, white, heterosexual women probably have more of this than other women.

    Yes the trans thang has caused major, major issues on the blogosphere. And lesbian voices are totally trashed and stamped all over in the ‘discussions’. I actually think the trans issue is a smokescreen for lesbian hatred. Straight feminists do not want to listen to lesbian feminist voices. They want to erase and ignore us. And they do a bloody good job too. I don’t think that straight feminists give much of a shit about the rights of trans people at all they just use it as an exuse to shit all over lesbians. I’m really fucking sick of it.

    Yes, I’m worried about Heart. She hasn’t replied to my email. 😦

  6. Miss Andrea is Australian? Really?

  7. Pretty certain she is. We are both on an Aussie feminist email list.

  8. Hi.

    I’m new to this wordpress blog.
    I hear there’s an Australian feminist email list?
    Is it interesting? How do I subscribe?

  9. Hi Amazonia,

    You need to be recommended to the moderator by a woman who is already on the email list. I am happy to recommend internet friends but I need to know more about their politics and stuff. Send me an email if you are still interested. allectospoison@yahoo.com.au

  10. I might email you, too allecto- if you don’t mind. Sounds interesting

  11. I’d be quite happy to recommend you for the email list, redmegara… if you wanted to be on it.

    • That would be awesome, allecto. x 😀

  12. I don’t know what that angry-looking smiley is, btw. It was supposed to be a thank you kiss.

  13. Lol. I fixed it. I’ll email you about the list. 🙂

  14. *sloopch* allecto:) Thanks for the mention. I’m back at work fulltime now after all those winter months off sick and so am back to only getting time for blogs on weekends – yay for a Looong weekend this time!!

    And, yeah there is an e-list – (its where allecto and I “met”!!) and while it has its faults, it is radfem friendly.

    • Oopps…. radfemspeak.net server has space to host webpages for carnivals etc, eg we host ‘The-Fury’ — if others want to do the work of pulling them together, that is:)

    • Ha, I hardly ever update my blog anyways. I’m surprised anyone still reads here. *hugs*

      Hmm… that is a good idea about the radfemspeak hosting. Trouble is that I am not all that confident building webpages… and beside I need a new computer. The one I have at the moment has no RAM. Which sucks. I can’t get it to do anything. Except word and the internet.

      Yay for the elist. Yes, it has its issues but I still get a lot out of it.

      Enjoy the long weekend, Rain. It is cold and horrible and rainy here. I wanted to go to the beach. 😦

  15. Can I be on the e-list too?

    • No probs Linda. I’ll email you.

  16. I just went to my comment queue and found a comment by mAndrea and did a lookup on the IP. Unless she’s going through a proxy or something, she is coming up as an American.

    • I guess we are going to have to ask her then. If she ever returns!

  17. Thank you so much for the mention, Allecto. I have neglected my blog terribly over the past few months. My partner travels for work and I have been at home alone with 3 preschoolers and no access to daycare (we live remotely) and unfortunately/unsurprisingly/typically my blog has taken a rather mortal body blow (it is a great analogy for what happens to women when they have children – our voices/our choices disappear).

    But I have been churning over a couple of issues in my mind and your inclusion makes me feel more like putting them out there, so thank YOU my sister. You impact me once again, in a very positive fashion.


    PS I would also like to be included in this Aussie radfem list, I shall email you.

  18. I look forward to you return to blogging, feminamist. You’re posts on prostitution and the sex “industry” are always insightful, well-written and well-thoughtout.

    My partner travels for work and I have been at home alone with 3 preschoolers and no access to daycare (we live remotely) and unfortunately/unsurprisingly/typically my blog has taken a rather mortal body blow (it is a great analogy for what happens to women when they have children – our voices/our choices disappear).

    Sounds like a good topic for a post. There seems to be a dearth of radical feminists writing about motherhood on the internet.

  19. Thanks for nothing Redmegaera, lmao – you hit the most difficult nail on its most difficult head 😛 I have been avoiding that particular topic like the plague – it plagues me already, any post I make on the topic will be just one long contradictory, hypocritical, paranoid ramble.

    And thank you muchly for your words of encouragement – they mean a lot, I admire your writing and thought greatly. x

    • I’m sure it would be much better than that! In the spirit of Virginia Woolf you could call it something like “An Affordable and Accessible Day Care Placement Of One’s Own” 😛

      Thanks feminamist, the feelings are mutual.

  20. Did you get my email feminamist????

  21. Oh god, yes, I’m so sorry. I have reply half composed and forgotten… x

  22. Now also Amazon Mancrusher on the ROAR feminist Collective blog (yes I know I am a self promoter but someones gotta do it!!)

  23. Still have heard nothing about the radical feminist email list. (?)

  24. Hey Linda. I sent you an email but you mustn’t have received it. I have sent you another email. Hopefully you get this one.

  25. Aussie radfem right here!

  26. You forgot to give us a link to your awesome blog, berryblade! For further proof that Aussie Rad Fems rock go check it out: http://berryblade.wordpress.com/

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