Blogging Anniversary

January 17, 2009


Well, it has been a year since I have been in my new home, here at wordpress. It has been a pretty eventful year for my blogging career what with the Whedonites and the MRAs all descending on my little blog like flies to honey. Thanks to their wonderful linkage skills I’ve had close to 100 000 hits this year. :p

But it has been a really wonderful year as well. I’ve met so many wonderful, inspiring women. You internet sisters enrich my life. Thanks for all of your wonderful support, love and enthusiasm. I have learnt so much from the comments that you have made here. I have learnt so much from reading the writing of the women on my blogroll… and elsewhere. You have all touched me and changed me, in so many different, brilliant ways.

So here is to another year of radical lesbian feminism allecto style. Here is to another year of change. Because I am young and foolish enough to believe and dream that a woman-centred, matrifocal world is possible. If only here, in the beautiful, lushious radical feminist blogosphere. And I am going to do my best to keep those dreams alive.


  1. Will look forward to another year of wonderful posts here allecto. You’re an inspiration, keep dreaming, keep speaking out for a woman’s world, and we will get there one day.

  2. That picture is dreamy.
    Congratulations and thank you for your amazon-ing posts!

  3. Congrats! And what a gorgeous picture.

  4. Has it been a year? Wow….actually, now I think about it, It’s a little less than a year ago a friend of mine said “Hey, somebody is trashing Firefly”. Still don’t see eye to eye with you on that, but fortunately you say many OTHER things that I think are right, or at very least worth giving serious thought. Also, apparently you sing.

    (I can’t resist/. Whedonite sounds like a pre-christian middle eastern sect. Is that intentiona?)

  5. Thanks sisters!

    The picture is of Wentworth Falls. One of my favourite places to go swimming here in the mountains. But it is freezing cold, and is quite difficult to get to. But, yes, it is very beautiful.

    And fop, I’m glad you’ve stuck around, despite our disagreement over Firefly. It is nice to know that there are some people out there who can disagree with someone without thinking that they have mental health issues. 🙂

    Nah. The Whedonites thing was probably more influenced by Cryptonite… or something. I just wrote it and it sounded right.

  6. Hehe, yeah I’m still a firefly fan too, though I must admit my love for the series waned a fair amount after reading your posts because there were a lot of problems that weren’t in my attention and now they are. ❤

    People who can’t read criticism of a television show kind of bother me, even if it is a show they like a lot!

    Congratulations on being around for a year, and wow, you’ve got a _lot_ of hits, aha. I think I’ve only got like 5000 or something, ever. ❤

    Here’s to another year (at the very least) with Ms Allecto. 🙂

  7. Well done allecto 🙂 I’m so glad you’ve stuck around!

  8. Ah Celly, if only you wrote that Phillip Pullman post you too could have a blog overflowing with MRAs and Pullman fans!

    Thanks Rain. I ain’t going anywhere. 🙂

  9. I did write a half arsed phillip pullman post tha wasn’t actually inteded to say anything, but did a little. I guess that doesn’t count. *grin*

    Shouldn’t half arse things. ❤

  10. Nah. It counts. Now all you need to do is have some fan of Pullman stumble upon your blog and link to you. 😉

  11. Love the photo!

  12. Happy aniversary Allecto! Hope all is well up your end. xx

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