STOP Australia

December 20, 2008


STOP (Sex Trade Opposition Project) was started in Western Australia by a group of feminists who were opposed to the Labour governments’ proposal to legalise prostitution in Western Australia. The legislation had the backing of the Greens and was passed despite opposition.

At the last feminist conference I went to in Brisbane I met up with a group of radical feminists to discuss the possiblity of launching a national campaign against prostitution in Australia. We decided to work together to build a national feminist movement against prostitution; to pressure the government to adopt the Swedish model which criminalises the buying and and selling of women as sex (the pimps and johns) but decriminalises the women caught in systems of prostitution.

We have started up an email group and a blog and would love to get more women involved in this campaign.


Click to join sextradeoppositionproject

Check out our blog: http://sextradeoppositionprojectaustralia.wordpress.com/

And our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=45549736586


  1. Woah, uhh. I really don’t know how I can be of help, but I’d love to. Is there anything I can do?

  2. At this stage we are just building up the group until we have enough members to start taking some action. So anything you can do to let more women who might be interested know about us would be greatly appreciated. Most of our discussions so far have been via email and I can add you to the list that we are currently using, until everyone signs up to the yahoo mailing list.

    Just for everyone’s information, you do not have to have a yahoo account in order to join the email list. To avoid having to use a yahoo account:

    -It will ask you if you want to join the group and explain that you need a yahoo account to do so
    -Underneath that main box, there is an option to “Join the Mailing list instead”
    -Click on that and it will put you on the list with the email account that you have been invited from

    Thanks for the interest Celly. I really hope this project takes off. It will be great to have some feminist resistance to prostitution in Australia.

  3. While I support this notion, I do have one issue with it. Say, hypothetically, a woman is found as a pimp or even a john (and it has been known to happen, albeit rarely). Would we then be compelled to persecute her?

    I personally cannot support this. As a whole, it is MEN who created the culture of prostitution, and therefore it is only MEN who should be persecuted. Women have been hypersexualized though the “malestream”, and thus those females found selling sex are really only a product of indirect male terrorism, and not really responsible for their actions.

    Of course, this will make the action much harder to pass (MRAs, etc.), but I feel it’s the only valid solution.

  4. While I understand this reasoning, and agree to it to an extent; this law would make the trading of women’s bodies as sex illegal. Therefore women who participate in the buying and selling of women as sex would be criminalised. I don’t think they should be persecuted, but they would be prosecuted, because they would have broken the law.

    Also, it seems that many women who become ‘madames’ and profit from men buying women as sex are ex-prostitutes themselves. This muddies the waters a lot. But still, the evidence in Sweden has shown that this model dramatically reduces demand, trafficking and the harms to women in prostitution. I personally think that it is the best way to combat men’s consumption and abuse of women in the sex industry. I agree with you that the target of this legislation should be targetted at men and this male supremacist culture.

    I think that women who support men’s harm of women, and who profit from it, should be held accountable, but not *as* accountable as the men; who also weild social, economic, sexual and political power over women. I think this legislation would be a step forward in the right direction.

  5. Hello!

    Just wanted to say hi from Sweden 🙂 ! I am a swedish feminist, a strong supporter of our law (the first feminist law in the world, someone called it) and I think it is great to see that our small, small country can inspire feminists from all over the world!

  6. Hi Christine. Thanks for your support. Yes it is great to see how inspiring the Swedish model of legislation has been for feminists around the world. We have a lot to thanks Swedish feminists for. Keep up the good work sister!

  7. Interesting, allecto. I do understand where you’re coming from, and I agree that this law would be a small step in the right direction. I only brought it up because the amount of women involved in pimping and buying sex is surprisingly high- not to the extent of men, but still, no small number either. So many of those convicted would in fact be women. And I just can’t stand the thought of a woman being persecuted for this, as they have been corrupted by the malestream.

    What about those men caught prostituting themselves? Would protection extend to them as well?

    – T.

  8. Yes, it would decriminalise the people (men included) whose bodies are being bought, sold and traded.

  9. It’s such a great thing you’re doing for womyn’s rights, Allecto! 🙂

  10. Why did you delete my comment, Allecto?

  11. Because it is fairly obvious that you are not an abolitionist and I do not allow comments that are supportive of female sexual servitude. Go and do some reading on the radical feminist position on prostitution. If you support abolition: Great, we can talk. If not, go elsewhere.

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