Flesh Mapping

October 12, 2008

Great video put out by Vancouver Rape Relief against prostitution.

One comment

  1. Thanks for this video. It is such a relief to know about other women fighting for the abolition of prostitution, rather than always tip-toeing round the issue.
    When it seen as an abuse of human rights and torture, than there can be no excuse for the sex trade.
    I am so sick of excuses and “logical” reasoning away of the mass torturing of women and girls. It is not a “free” choice for the majority, it not about sex, it is not just harmless fun – those lies have to be destroyed.
    The main purpose of has always been to make a massive profit on the bodies of women and girls. To imagine that sex is a true issue for the sex industry is a nice myth, made to it make all exploitation invisible. Framed as sex, it is framed as consensual and private.
    That is all the violence is acceptable, for sexual “relationships” are not placed into the frame of human rights, so how can prostitution be accepted as torture by most governments or even the average person on the street.
    Instead it made invisible, with occasional tampering with laws and public attitutes. But a general acceptance that it is a nesscary evil.
    So wanting abolition is very isolating. It open you up to ridicule, treated as mentally ill or just a dreamer.
    But I am so sick of men buying and selling women and girls and thinking that is not a major violation of their right to be a human with dignity and the right to live with safety.
    Hell, why should a whole of mass of women and girls have such narrow lives.

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