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August 25, 2008

Hey all,

I blogged a while back about the Radical Feminist discussion board that I was invited to help moderate. I’m not too sure if many women saw the post. Anyway, the forum is a great radical, women-only space. You can find it here. Quite a few women have joined up recently so we may actually get some discussions going. If you are already joined up, yay! Come over and start some discussions. If not, come over, join up and introduce yourself. 🙂

In other news, I’m leaving for the conference soon and won’t be blogging again till I get back. I realise that I have not been around much this month, sorry for that. I’ll try to post more next month. I’m halfway through my Objects in Space post. I’m sure my Whedonites are all waiting with bated breath. 😉

I’ll also try to do some blogging about the conference, although if it is as amazing and thought-prvoking as the last conference, that will be very hard. It is always so hard to pin down the feeling and energy of things in writing. And there is so much of that caught up in being with other feminists, and being in the company of women. I tried to write about Townsville and only managed one pitiful post. 😦 I’ll try to do better this time.

We met the woman who will be looking after our cats and she was very nice. I’m glad it will be a woman. I don’t think I’d trust a man. I’m sure our cats will be well cared for while Dissenter and I are away. Although I am sure they will miss us.

It will be my birthday just before the conference and I will be home with my family for that. I’m really looking forward to it. I haven’t spent my birthday with my family since I left home 9 years ago. 😦 I’m hoping all of my siblings will come to dinner but I have let T (second sibling: sister, she is the white sheep of our family) know that her partner (D) is not welcome. She understood but she might not come out of loyalty to him.

Last year on Precious’ (fourth sibling: sister) 17th birthday D sexually assaulted one of her friends. D is the same age as me and a complete fucking creep. I hate that T is with the scumbag. There is nothing that I can do about it though, but he sure as fuck isn’t invited to my birthday.

T has also invited me to some party she is having with her friends. I said I’d think about it, but told her that she would have to tell her male friends to stay away from me. On further thought though, after hearing some stuff from Dragort (first sibling: sister) about T’s friends, I don’t think I’ll be going.

Besides E’s (third sibling: brother) cat Shadow has just died and he is taking it really hard. He has locked himself in his room and he isn’t really talking to anyone. So I feel I should spend some extra time with him. I don’t really know what to say to him though. He had Shadow for 8 years and she saw him through some really fucking awful times. I can imagine how he feels. My mum said that when my cat died when I was 17 I was really angry and I took it out on everyone. But E is just really depressed.

So that my news.


  1. Hey, I’m a firefly fan, and I actually look foreward to your reviews. Fact of the matter is, while Whedon’s stuff makes for enjoyable TV, he can’t write female characters worth a damn. Also, as you have rightly pointed out, there are instances of alarming sexism. Issues that ought to be raised.

    I admit, I’ve got a little mental list of things from the Whedonverse that I hope you or somebody similar will address. I can’t do it effectively, I watch the shows in question.

  2. Hey, thanks for letting me know about that forum, I might join. 🙂 I’m already on Genderberg, have you considered getting a membership in G’berg, Allecto & Dissenter? I could get you one?

    I’m leaving for the conference soon and won’t be blogging again till I get back.

    Enjoy the trip, Allecto!

    D sexually assaulted one of her friends. D is the same age as me and a complete fucking creep. I hate that T is with the scumbag.

    Aw, this is cruel! What an asshole. 😦

    I still hope you’ll have a happy birthday, Allecto, in spite of these bad news…

  3. Well, I’m a Buffy fan. But I still like being able to think critically about the things I watch. Actually I am a bit of a sci-fi and fantasy buff. I used to collect X-Men comics, I love Star Gate: SG1 and Star Trek: Voyager and various other crappy televisions shows. It isn’t as though I don’t understand fandom. I was very much into the X-Men fandom in younger, headier days. But I guess I’ve always found it very difficult to close my eyes to sexism and racism.

    I’m glad there are some people out there getting something out of my posts. I’m enjoying writing them.

  4. Hey Maggie 🙂

    Yeah I should join up to genderberg. I have meant to in the past.

    What an asshole.

    Yep, he is fucked in the head like most men. I let my sister know that I wasn’t coming to her party. If she thinks that a teen-molesting, sexual assaulter is an ok guy to have a relationship with then what behaviour would she tolerate from her male friends? Don’t really want the answer to this question to be visible and tangible. I’m fine with just knowing that I not want anything to do with my sisters male friends.

  5. Happy Birthday to you ::clap clap::
    Happy Birthday to you ::clap clap::
    Happy Birthday Al-lec-to
    Happy Birthday to you! ::clap clap::

    Go you for taking a stand against the family stuff because it can be *hard*. When my sister got mixed up with a little jerk I was there, holding my breath/words, kindly making my points. It can drive you a little nuts, trying to be there and not rocking the boat so much you push her away. Ugh–I feel for you allecto. Clearly he is not to be trusted and at this point all you can do is keep others safe.

    And R.I.P Shadow.

  6. Thanks for the Happy Birthday! 🙂

    Yeah, I think a lot of us have been there, caring about a woman who is with a fucker.

    Poor Shadow. I will miss her being around when I go home.

  7. Hey Allecto 🙂

    Yeah I should join up to genderberg. I have meant to in the past.

    Well, I hope you’ll register there sometime? Shall I let Sam Berg know about that, to get you an invite?

    I’ll also register to your forums sometime…

    I hate that T is with the scumbag.

    Aw, I agree, this is upsetting when women have intimate relationships with such men… 😦

  8. My sisters been married to an idiot for 40 years……(and he’s a tory). Old advice but just count to 10 in your head if he annoys you….

  9. belated happy birhday!

  10. Thanks Miriam!

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