Brisbane Feminist Conference

August 17, 2008

I’m planning my trip now and I’m very excited. The Program is looking awesome.

Is anyone reading this going to be there? Does anyone want to meet up? How will we identify each other?


  1. Ohmygosh, Allecto. What an amazing conference!

    Here are my workshop selections, if I were to go:

    Melissa Lukashenko Who you calling doomed?
    Indigenous Women,Violence and survivalism

    Lavender Feminist intergenerational sisterhood:
    Giving a FIG about AGE difference

    Betty Taylor & Domestic Violence Death Reviews
    Pam Godsell

    Lillian Geddes How much pain can a woman afford?

    Isobel Munro Strategies for Survival
    Old Women’s Management of Resources

    Amanda Shea Children’s Best Interests in Family Law: The urgent need to centralise the issue of children’s exposure to domestic violence

    Renate Klein The harmful medicalisation of prematurely sexualized girls

    Dr Lauren Rosewarne Sexist Outdoor Advertising as Sexual Harrassment

    Kat Pinder The Pornified Invasion of Lesbian Spaces

    Donna Justo & Prosanna Poornachra Womentoring “When Women Mentor Women”

    Lucy Nichols Eradicating Sexual Difference:
    An effective aim for feminism?

    Amanda Dearden Feminist Principles for support work in Action: working creatively and compassionately with Women with Eating Issues who self harm, towards individual and social change

    Michelle Newcomb Driven to Drink. Drugs, alochol and domestic violence How can agencies respond?

    Tamara Lee Sustainability, Intentional Living
    and Prevention of Violence Against Women

    Susan Hawthorne Of Cows and Lesbians: Poetry and Politics


    This conference is just amazing!

    You Australian radfems are so inspiring. Honestly, I can’t even envision many of these workshops being offered in any feminist venue I can think of in the U.S. I hope you have a wonderful time, Allecto, and I selfishly hope you will provide a full report on you return.


  2. waaaaaaay jealous

  3. I’m interested. I remember you telling me about this before, I was very poor at the time and didn’t think that I’d be able to make it, but my boyfriend and I are both employed now and I really wanna go. ‚̧

    Is there a cut off date for registration do you know? I’d better get onto it. I’d love to meet you there too~

  4. Dani, you lucky duck! I’m so jealous, out here in Ontario…I wish he had that here….

  5. Heart, I know it looks great! I find it pretty funny that your list of chosen papers includes my two of my friends. (Lavender and Kat Pinder). Sadly Lavender can’t make it to this conference. I’m really sad about that because she is so awesome.

    Pisaquari and Demonista, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. :p


    I’d love to see you there too. I’m pretty sure there is no cut off date for registration. The info for registering is here:

    But what about taking time off work? I always have to give loads of notice at my job. Anyway, I hope you can organise it. It is so fantastic meeting up with so many awesome feminists.

  6. Work should be absolutely fine. I’m only working one day a week at the moment and thats on Saturday so no problems there.

    I’m very busy at university at the moment though and I’d have to talk to the groups I’m with. It should be fine, everyone in the groups I’m in at the moment know me very well and know that I’m a feminist and this sort of thing would be a big deal for me.

    I’m a bit skeevy about how to get there. The google map thing they said was below the text that didn’t show up for me. Is it in walking distance from the South Brisbane train station?

  7. Yes, it looks as though it would be a short walk from South Brisbane Station. The link below should show the map with both Edmondstone St (where the conference is, near South Brisbane Park which is where the Opening Ceremony will be held) and South Brisbane Station in the frame. You’ll need to zoom in a bit to see Edmondstone Street. Hope it works. But if it doesn’t just type ‘south brisbane’ into google and then zoom into the suburb to look for the station and Edmondstone street.


  8. Susan Hawthorne of Cows and Lesbians

    Oy somebody nicked my idea! Seriously allecto, it looks wonderful.

  9. Lol!

    I thought of you when I saw that. Very amusing.

  10. Looks like I won’t be able to make any day. A project deadline got moved forward, and another project is due very soon. Both projects are group assignments and we’ll have to meet and work together over the next week or two, pretty much every day n’I can’t get out of it. ūüė¶


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