Remember Jyoti Mehta and Ujalla Dinesh

June 5, 2008

I am organising a memorial for Jyoti Mehta and Ujalla Dinesh, the mother and daughter whose bodies were dumped like so much garbage at the bottom of Echo Point.

I live very close to Echo Point. It is the home of the Three Sisters. An ancient, sacred site of female power. Jyoti Mehta was 38, the mother of Ujalla, who was only nine. She moved to Australia to marry Sanjay Mehta, a man whom she had met on the internet.

Jyoti had approached the Jessie Street Domestic Violence Service in January saying that her husband was verbally abusive and had threatened to kill her. On May the 5th she and her daughter were dead, both victims of pervasive male terrorism.

Her husband put the bodies of Jyoti and Ujalla in the trunk of his car then drove the family to Echo Point. While the other children went for a walk, Sanjay dumped the bodies of the woman and girl over the cliff. He reported them missing, saying that their passports and $100 was missing too. Trying to imply that they had gone away.

I want the deaths of these women to be remembered, marked. I will be holding a memorial for this woman and her daughter on Saturday the 7th of June at 3:00 at the lookout at Echo Point.


  1. I remember Jyoti as a warm, caring and affectionate person who was extremely passionate about her work with street children of Baroda. She was very fond of me and called me once in a while to talk about her work and to ask children at Disha. she also visited my centre along with a group of field workers from Vikas Jyot to discuss about how we could work together to help children with disabilites living in slums and rural areas. Its a great loss. The sadness I feel is very deep. Jyoti and her daughter are in my prayers. May God bless her soul.

    Prabha Mehta
    Executive director
    Disha Special School & Autism centre
    Vadodara (Gujarat) INDIA

  2. ūüė¶ !!!!

    With you in spirit this Saturday allecto.
    I imagine Jyoti and Ujalla will join you as well.

  3. Allecto, what a wonderful and important thing you are doing. I wish you good luck with the memorial, I hope it goes well my sister. xxx

  4. Thank you for stopping by and remembering Jyoti to us, Prabha. I join you in your prayers for Jyoti and Ujalla.

    Debs and Pisaquari, thanks, as always for your sisterhood.

  5. Hi everyone

    I wanted to mention my memories of Jyoti. A warm woman, who tried to be helpful to those she could even if it meant going around in the hot indian summer. she loved long earrings. Her daughter’s was her most precious relationship for her. She always tried to do whatever she could for her parents and they figured a lot in her sense of responsibility. She had everything here in india and only god knows why she left it all for this turn of fate.

  6. Thank you Usha, for your kind remembering of Jyoti. She sounds like a memorable woman.

  7. Thank-you for doing. It will be in my heart, Rebecca

  8. This memorial service as wonderful as it is can’t go ahead until after Jyoti & Ujalla’s funeral & at least after the court case has finished otherwise everything will be jepordised.We are supporting Jyoti’s family at present & can tell you they are very distressed by this & don’t want it going ahead.If their wishes mean anything to anyone noone will turn up at 3pm for this service.Please accept the families wishes.There is plenty of time for remembering these females when the time is right.

  9. Wonderful that you’re doing this, Allecto, for Womankind collectively, and for Jyoti Mehta and her nine-year-old daughter, Ujalla Dinesh. May the male mutant who killed them be banished from the roll of life by the Dark Goddess. He and I, he and they, he and womankind, not of the same species.

    I posted (from a U.S. Supreme Court decision) about a similar murderous man in the comments about Obama tonight on Heart’s blog. I’m tuning in also to antiquity’s Goddess Skuld and Northern Goddess Skadi (from the land near the modern “doomsday” seed bank in the ice above Norway at Svalbard).

    Skadi — it was crone-prophesied (long before the Bible’s derivative “last days” rhetoric as reversal of the crone curse) — would be Black Shadow to bring an end to evil men and their male deities. Gotterdammerung, or Going Into the Shadow of the Gods.

    May the killers of my sisters meet the spiritual fate the age-old Fates and Furies, as antiquity’s goddesses, have decreed against rapists and murderers.

    I remain outraged, and so I write to express my strong solidarity with sisterhood, worldwide. I write also to thank you for the compassionate memorial you’ll be holding in sacred space for all of us who seek to love.

  10. Unless the legal systems of Australia and/or India vastly differ from that of the USA in this globally networked English-language-dominant world, the post above by Adavies makes zero sense as to:

    “This memorial service … can‚Äôt go ahead until … at least after the court case has finished otherwise everything will be jepordised.”

    The USA court-case system is modeled, in large measure, on the UK English-language system of common law (inherited before men waged their war of independence to found the USA). In any UK-influenced court-case system (as would seem to be the story for the court cases of UK-influenced Australia and/or India), nothing said or done by well-wishers at a memorial service held to honor murdered females would be probative evidence as to any aspect of who is responsible criminally or civilly for being incarcerated or paying money damages.

    If Adavies is attempting to silence Allecto until “the time is right” (potentially years from now when this is old news), it won’t work.

    If Adavies has any legitimate reason with regard to upcoming court cases (which generally take years, not weeks or months, to resolve) for why a woman-honoring memorial service should not be held, let Adavies put it forward.

    Sounds like woman-silencing balderdash to me.

    P.S. Here’s how it plays out, years later, in the USA court-case system:

    TOWN OF CASTLE ROCK, COLORADO v. GONZALES, individually and a next best friend of her deceased minor children, GONZALES et al.
    “certiorari to the united states court of appeals for the tenth circuit
    No. 04-278.Argued March 21, 2005‚ÄďDecided June 27, 2005
    Respondent filed this suit under 42 U. S. C. §1983 alleging that petitioner violated the Fourteenth Amendment’s Due Process Clause when its police officers, acting pursuant to official policy or custom, failed to respond to her repeated reports over several hours that her estranged husband had taken their three children in violation of her restraining order against him. Ultimately, the husband murdered the children.

    The District Court granted the town’s motion to dismiss, but an en banc majority of the Tenth Circuit reversed, finding that respondent had alleged a cognizable procedural due process claim because a Colorado statute established the state legislature’s clear intent to require police to enforce retraining orders, and thus its intent that the order’s recipient have an entitlement to its enforcement. The [10th circuit appellate] court therefore ruled, among other things, that respondent had a protected property interest in the enforcement of her restraining order.

    Held [by USA Supreme Court]: Respondent did not, for Due Process Clause purposes, have a property interest in police enforcement of the restraining order against her husband [who murdered her three children in violation of the protective order against him].‚ÄĚ

  11. I have nothing against Allecto at all – i don’t even know who it is.I asked that this memorial service not go ahead for the simple reason that when the family found out about it they were & are still very distressed by it & they wished for it not to go ahead.They are all for remembering Jyoti & Ujalla as are we.The service that i work for helps women escaping Domestic Violence every day & Jyoti was a client of ours.Jyoti & Ujalla’s passing has effected all workers at the service i work for greatly.We are still working very closley with the family helping them deal with funeral arrangments & coping with the situation as a whole.I work as part of a larger sisterhood of women through NSW who have all agreed to a memorial service for our lost sisters when the family are ready for it to go ahead.The families wishes are very important to this situation.I don’t silence any woman,completley the opposite,i believe every woman should be heard & stand strong.Our aim at the service i work for does exactly that,we work under the feminism philosophy & stand by it’s every meaning.You have no idea what we as a service see,hear or help with on a daily basis.I wish for no hard feelings just a little understanding towards the family & their wishes.

  12. Allecto i think what you have done is a wonderful thing and god will surely bless you.
    I am very close to the family indeed, the step son of jyoti mehta was my bestfriend. An may i add a very kind hearted wonderful young boy.
    Who has suffered a life time of punishment due to his fathers actions.
    i URGE people out there, who have a heart at all to not discriminate the son (leaving anonymous) or his sister (name also anonymous) for there fahers actions have nothing to do with them.
    i know the son very closely he is sitll in so much shock, even now.

    Good work allecto , so sorry i couldnt make it i just saw this web site .i feel terrible. RIP jyoti an ujji

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