Gardasil: Women Hurt by Medicine

May 8, 2008

Gertrude Green and Renate Klein, two Aussie feminists have set up a blog for women who have been hurt by male supremacist medicine, specifically the ‘cervical cancer vaccine’ which has been pushed into all Australian schools, affecting thousands of young girls who are misled into believing that the drug protects them against cervical cancer. My sister, who was 17 at the time, was scared into getting the vaccine, despite my mother’s reservations (my mother, the intuitive knowledgable woman that she is, has a deep distrust of patriarchal medicine and always has). So I asked my sister to write about her experience and have her permission to share her story here.

Dear Gertrude Green and Renate Klein,

I was one of the many Australian girls who received the Gardasil vaccine through my high school. I was 17 at the time and had not been informed properly about all the side effects that could have happened to me. I also did not know that in having the Gardisil shot that I was still not 100% protected from still getting cervical cancer and that I would still need to get Pap smear checks.

When I got my first vaccine, I had just got my shot and we had to sit for 10mins after we got our shot. I went and sat down and this girl in the year below me came and sat down beside me. After a little while a friend of the girl who was sitting by me ran up to one of the ladies who were giving us the injections and yelled, “there’s something wrong with my friend”. I looked over at the girl and she was so pale. Her eyes had rolled back into her head and the head was just rolling around on the chair. The lady who was giving injections immediately got up and pushed all the chairs aside and started first aid on the girl. After that we all got sent outside. I was terrified at what I saw and also that what ever just made that girl have a fit was in me.

When I went for my second injection the girl was there again lining up for it. This time we all had to sit outside to wait for the 10 minutes to pass. After I got it done I went outside, waiting for the time to pass. Some of my friends came out and said that they had let the girl get her injections again and that she had a fit again and had vomited.

Thanks for the information on this blog. I will let my friends know about it and try to spread the word.


Shocking stuff. I can’t believe that they were shoving this shit into the arms of 13 year old girls. If you know of any women who have received this ‘vaccine’, please direct them to this site so they can tell their own stories. Gardasil: Women Hurt By Medicine


  1. This post is rather timely.

    Yesterday I had my annual gyno appointment. My doctor asked me “Have you gotten your gardasil shot yet?” (as if it’s expected)
    I said “No.”
    “Oh!” She jumped. “We need to get you on that right away.” She placed on my purse 3 brochures and began to tell me about the 3 shot procedure. I nodded my head at her–wasn’t getting into it with a presumptuous doctor who can out-med talk me.

    So now they’ll be calling.
    I’ve actually gone through this with them before. I avoided setting up an appointment a year ago but I recall how frickin’ pushy they were! I always felt like I was listening to an infomercial.

  2. I am very glad that my doctor gave me a bunch of information on this vaccine, instead of just pushing it on me. He told me that it was expensive (a total of something like 400$ here in Canada- before any insurance, so it would be less if I got it).

    Reading through the package, which I believe every doctor in Canada has (whether they pass it out or not is another thing). The pamphlet tells you that the vaccine only covers about 2 strands of the cancer-causing virus, which makes up about 80% (or something like that) of the cervical cancers. But it doesn’t go into how the strains are mutating all the time, and that although for the last few years these 2 strands have been the most ‘popular’, but after this vaccine comes out the strain will simply change, and then this vaccine will do nothing to stop it.

    I decided not to get this vaccine, the risks of getting cervical cancer are a concern, so I will go and get my invasive PAP smears and simply hope that I don’t get it. I won’t put this drug in my system and then STILL have to go and get PAPs.

    I think this drug is ridiculous, especially since there is no way to know what the long term consequences are.

    I am glad that this is not in the Canadian schools (yet), although there are ads for it EVERYWHERE, none of them saying anything about the risks.

  3. That’s a horrific story Allecto. What bugs me about this vaccine is if they’re trying to stop genital wart transmission why they’re only giving it to women (or girls, it’s proposed to give it to 12 years olds in the UK). The wart virus is spread (largely) by heterosexual intercourse, so why not give it to men? It’s like we were told at school that if we hadn’t had rubella we needed to be vaccinated ‘before we reached child bearing age'( this again was age 11-12). No question of asking us if we actually WANTED to have any children of course…

  4. Pisaquari, the Australian government has spent millions on buying this vaccine and huge dollars on advertising. There were huge billboards with young, smiling women all over the place when the government first introduced the ‘free’ drug. But it makes just no sesne for them to spending huge money on this. Cervical cancer is really not a big killer, more women die from breast cancer and lung cancer and other types of cancers. AND the biggest killer of women in Australia IS MEN. Men and male violence is the single largest cause of death, injury and illness in women between the ages of 15 and 45. Cervical cancer is not anywhere near as big as threat as men. So why isn’t this funding going to refuges, rape crisis centres, women’s health centres? All of which are chronically underfunded, all of which can save women’s lives.

    Good for you Alimae. Being a lesbian who has never engaged in intercourse I am lucky enough to be unconcerned with getting cervical cancer. A woman’s health and immunity also help to fight the virus and prevent cancer and I am a very healthy vegetarian so I don’t think I have much to fear.

    Yeah, I know Polly. I read one report that suggested it was safe for use on girls as young as 9. Fucking hell. Why not men indeed. Honestly I think this ‘vaccine’ is actually part of the wider male supremacist mechanics of regulating heterosexuality.

    • I agree with many of your comments.
      The pap test was pushed at me about 30 years ago.
      I wanted a lot more information before I had an invasive test every 2 years of my life.
      The information I found is nothing like the information released to women by Papscreen and doctors.
      99.35% of women derive no benefit from smears at all, so 0.65% of women benefit big time.
      One third of the 1% who’d get this cancer, will still get it with smears – the false negative women.
      Now for the kicker…the hidden risk of this testing is over-detection and over-treatment.
      With Australia’s 2 yearly program from around 20 – 77% of women will over their lifetime be referred for colposcopy and usually some form of biopsy. Some of those women are then left with health issues, mental and physical. (and obstetric problems)
      Roughly 95% (and some studies say up to 98%) of all treatment and biopsies are unnecessary.
      You can get an abnormal pap for infections, inflammation, trauma (childbirth), hormonal changes and normal changes are picked up as abnormal in women under 25 and during menopause.
      1 in 3 smears are “abnormal” in women under 25 yet cancer in this group is very rare. These things usually resolve on their own and don’t need medical intervention.
      Informed consent is a legal requirement for all cancer screening, not just for men.
      Women should not be given scary stories and “fashioned” statistics – we need the truth and then be permitted to make an informed decision to screen or not to screen.
      It is never right or wrong to screen; it is a personal decision. Screening can never be “required” for the Pill or anything else.
      As it stands, screening for women is almost a law and that is unacceptable and unethical.
      Our doctors are even paid by the government to reach screening targets for cervical screening. (UK, Australia and NZ)
      This has led to some unethical behaviour by doctors chasing targets and ignoring informed consent. We then find doctors overusing the smear and using it inappropriately and exposing women to risk.
      There are no target payments for the MUCH more common breast and prostate cancers.
      Dr Angela Raffle released some information in the BMJ – she’s a world expert on screening. “1000 women need regular screening for 35 years to save ONE woman from cervical cancer”.
      I have always declined screening after reviewing the evidence and considering my low risk profile. I wasn’t prepared to run the high risk of unnecessary treatment when my risk was close to zero.
      Be careful with mammograms as well. The Nordic Cochrane Institute have released their own brochure for women after criticizing the brochures currently released to women. (at their website – “The risks and benefits of mammograms”.)
      I don’t know why the accepted practice is to tell women half the story and then drive us into screening. That is not happening with prostate screening – men get pros and cons info and informed consent is respected. That is a very common cancer.
      I haven’t looked at the vaccination debate, but I’d never accept a doctor’s word. Do your own reading and ask lots of questions – don’t be fobbed off.
      Anyone interested in cervical and breast screening should have a look at Dr Joel Sherman’s Medical Privacy site and under Women’s privacy concerns you’ll find lots of honest information. Also, the Violet to Blue blog.
      My figures were taken from Dr Richard DeMay’s and Dr Laura Koutsky’s research – both at the websites.

  5. Great eFFing point Allecto!

    If we didn’t have certain people in *higher office* (whoooooo could that be?) doing a such piss poor job of allocating resources women might just not be in this shit hole!

  6. Thanks for posting this Allecto.

    All very good points, I definitely think that Gardasil is reinforcing compulsory heterosexuality for girls and women. The vaccines are not safe, not necessary to prevent cervical cancer, and not even effective.

    Can I copy your sister’s story to publish on the blog?

    There is a new story up from Julie for those who are interested.

  7. Exactly Pisaquari.

    Hey Gertrude,

    I sent an email to the address that is on the blog with Precious’s letter as an attachment. Didn’t you get it? If you didn’t you might want to check that the email address is functioning in case other women with stories try to contact you. But yes, the reason I got Precious to write this is so that you could post it on your blog.

    I’ve missed you. We have to get back in contact. 🙂

  8. (Hi! I’m new here. Um, obviously.)

    I’m torn on Gardasil. Hell, I’m kinda torn on the medical establishment in general.

    Well, no, I guess my feelings on the latter are pretty clear. The medical establishment is probably the biggest institutional obstacle to actual research and therapy. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t ever produce anything of value. Gardasil might actually be one of those things. I might even go so far as, “probably is.” There are probably some women for whom getting the vaccine is a good idea.

    But who knows, right? Neither pharmaceutical companies nor regulatory agencies are famed for their honesty or compassion. And the marketing is a fucking nightmare; starting with the fact that male-bodied people in many places can’t get it even if they want to, and moving right along to it either being required so girls will be safe during the sex that they are obviously going to have with lots and lots of boys, or banned because it will instantly turn all women into sluts.

    And all that said, I still don’t know if I’m getting it. In the end, I probably will, because having only lesbian sex doesn’t prevent you from getting or carrying HPV, and I’ve had enough friends with bad HPV experiences and perfectly fine Gardasil experiences that my most visceral reaction is against the former and neutral to the latter.

    And still I’ll wonder if I’m doing the right thing for my body.

  9. Good to hear that information concerning the vaccine Gardasil is finally reaching those who will be most affected – women and girls. I raised this issue when this vaccine was first publicised as being the magic pill for preventing cervical cancer. I also asked if this vaccine is so effective why aren’t boys and men being vaccinated since it is primarily male penetration of female body which passes the HPV virus to the woman not the reverse.

    Also, this vaccine does not prevent all HPV viruses but then pharmaceutical companies are only interested in profit and once again money is being made by myth making. If boys were routinely vaccinated before they reached adulthood this would dramatically reduce HPV if one believes that Gardasil really works!! Yes I know about the case of the Australian girls being given the vaccine but of course the pharmaceutical company claimed some of the young woman had ‘reacted hysterically.’ Once again blaming girls when in fact this vaccine has not been properly tested.

    The other glaring omission is the belief that all girls yes all girls are automatically heterosexual and yes all girls all girls once they become adults will all become sexually active and all engage in penetrative sexual activity. Compulsory heterosexism perhaps?

  10. Hi violet and welcome.

    Umm I’m a celibate lesbian for the most part, and I’m very, very unlikely to get any type of cancer as I am vegetarian, eat organic, live under an ecofeminist, subsistence (as much as I am able) perspective, therefore I expose myself to far fewer chemicals than the average heteronormative woman. I believe that patriarchal medicine creates far more health problems than it solves. Especially for women. Drug companies care about profit and profit only, they sure as fuck don’t give a shit about women’s health. I believe that cancer is largely caused by all the man-made chemicals and pollution, unhealthy lifestyles (meat-eating, lack of exercise, pesticides in food, pollution, plastics, household chemicals etc). Those are the things that people should be addressing when they look at cancer. It is ridiculous to believe that shoving more patriarchal shit into your system will prevent cancer.

    Jennifer, welcome. Absolutely. I really do think that the regulation of gender and sexuality, as well as billions of dollars, is behind this massive campaign launched by the government to ‘vaccinate’ girls against HPV.

  11. Gday Violet,

    Your views are similar to many women I have talked to about this. They know that the medical establishment is a bit (or a lot) dodgy but they also think there might be some merit to the Gardasil vaccine.

    There are three main problems with the vaccine, beyond the problem of compulsory heterosexuality that has already been discussed.

    Firstly, the vaccine is not necessary. Cervical cancer is the most preventable of all cancers, and takes 10-15 years to develop from when it is first detectable on a pap smear to when it is actual cancer. So having a pap smear every 3 years (which you are supposed to do even if you do get Gardasil) prevents almost all cases of cervical cancer. Of course there are other preventative things you can do such as eating organic (as Allecto explained), not smoke, and avoid other cancer-causing things (such as mobile phones and microwaves).

    Secondly, the vaccine’s effectiveness is in doubt. It has not been proven as effective in actually preventing cervical cancer, just some types of HPV. Also, there have been no independent trials of the vaccine.

    Thirdly, it is not safe. So far 13 women have died from the vaccine, and many more have been permanently paralysed, had seizures, and many other side effects. For a vaccine which is neither necessary nor effective, it seems to be an unnecessary risk to take.

    Please check out my blog and the background information on the vaccine to find out more. Good luck with your decision.

  12. Hi Violet, you are correct that HPV can be transmitted between lesbians, it’s just harder to do, so you’re still more likely to contract it through heterosexual intercourse. I was annoyed when I got a leaflet from my health authority saying that women who have never had sex with men don’t need cervical smears, but it’s a really widely believed myth – I’ve heard a lot of lesbians say it, but I’ve also heard of a lot of medical staff saying it – including gynaecologists! This is a really explanation of how the virus can be transmitted and how to practise safer sex.



  13. I have a fourteen year old and I really lean toward NOT getting her that vacccine. It’s too new. I don’t trust it.

    I know a child who was fine until he got a vaccine with themerasol (sp) and then he was autistic.

    I know military people who were healthy young athletes until they took the anthrax vaccines and became permanently disable.

    The stuff scares me.

  14. Oops, I meant permanently disabled!

  15. The stories on the Gardasil blog are awful! Not just the side-effects, but the callous treatment the women received afterwards, particularly being told it was ‘all in their heads’.

    As with many other dangerous medications that have been given out to women like candy in the past, I bet that this will be another case where ten or twenty years down the track the full extent of the damage and danger of this drug will become apparent, but that won’t help the women whose lives are being destroyed by this.

    Yes indeed, if the west was serious about getting rid of cancer they would be investing in green energy, reducing dependence on cars, banning GM foods, banning the use of artificial flavours/colours/preservatives in food, making changes to society so that the majority of the population isn’t locked up in an office building for 8 hours a day, encouraging community gardening projects, investing in environmental conservation, seriously reducing the use of plastics, getting rid of all the scary ingredients that go into most soaps, deodorants, body-washes, shampoos and conditioners, not to mention make-up…and that’s just a start.

    But no, we (or rather our governments) don’t want us to give up our stupid western lifestyle, so instead millions of dollars get invested into so-called cancer research, so that, if/when we do get cancer, we have the dubious privilge of getting horrific medical treatments that go on for months, can leave us permanently damaged, don’t guarantee the cancer is gone for good, and which we might not even survive.

    How sensible!

  16. This is so scary. They are really pushing this on women, and I don’t get it, especially if it’s been shown to have some really horrendous side effects. Although, that explains why they aren’t pushing it on boys-wouldn’t want to hurt our precious boys, would we?

    That blog is really great, but so scary to read all those stories! I can’t believe doctor’s are pushing this so much, and seem to not really know much about the possible side effects.

    Luckily, I’m 31 so am out of range. Darn it!

  17. Gertrude,

    I should say that I’m really glad you’re collecting these stories. The way that the medical industry dismisses the concerns of women is pretty horrific, if not exactly surprising or particularly novel.

    Even if I do take Gardasil, I’m glad to have read these stories.

    Allecto and Dissenter,

    I’m vegan, and though I don’t make a strong effort to do so, I tend to eat organic, too. But so did my aunt, who lived in a remote area of the India, rarely visited the city, was exposed to less environmental pollution in her lifetime than I am in a day, probably never used a cell phone or microwave, and died of brain cancer when she was in her twenties.

    Which doesn’t diminish in any way the very real health hazards of the western world. But I think just getting rid of those isn’t enough—we have to build something better and genuinely new.

  18. It’s funny, I have argued about this vaccine with some people I know who have daughters, and I’d always taken the tack that they ought to get it for them, because the only voices I had heard opposing the vaccine were those of the religious right. I had heard arguments that, knowing they were protected from one STI, girls who had had the vaccine would be more likely to have sex, which sounded like more of the women-who-have-sex-ought-to-face-consequences bullshit these types are often up to. I suppose I hadn’t thought it through completely.

  19. For Nine Deuce, it’s not, not, not your fault about not thinking it through completely, because systematically (by man-stream media) women are only being given false choices between the religious right (which theoretically protects its “good” women)and the masculinist “progressives” who want sex from loosened-up women on demand. This has been going on since the ’60’s. In 1970, Leslie Tanner edited a book of essays, Voices from Women’s Liberation, which describes the patriarchs’ tactic by the voices of many women liberationists, screwed by the left and the right.

    In our local multi-plex, for awhile Gardasil was running the ad campaign, “One Less.” As in “One Less” woman to get cancer. But the tag line, repeated by woman after woman, was the point: “One Less.” It could hardly be clearer. Yet it’s so very difficult to face that our erasure, “One Less,” one by one, as independently thinking and creatively passionate beings is the goal of patriarchy. Particularly it’s hard to face because once you do see it, where do you go, what do you do in order to live and continue to love those like our daughters who have no place to go on this planet that’s really safe and free?

    Patriarchy has made it virtually impossible for us to live collectively on lands free of its taxes, rules, harassment, sanctions. This dilemma is why I keep reaching for a spiritual consensus among women’s liberationists to invoke the Great Mother, She Who Works in the Dark Cauldron of Dying and Living, to bring about whatever needs to happen so that those of us who do love, can love, and live here on Her planet.

  20. I have put up considerable medcical evidence to refute the medical establishments lies about Gardasil and cervical cancer. You can access it at Heart’s under a Gardasil search.

    I cringe when I think someone may have vaccinated their daughters based on another’s uninformed decision. If you don’t know, don’t say.

  21. Warning: I’m about to post a dissenting opinion that many will think is profoundly lacking in self-awareness.

    I got the Gardasil vaccine last year, and I’m glad I did. I had no side effects. None. My bloodstream carries HPV antibodies now. It’s all groovy.

    As a sexually active bisexual woman, a vaccine to protect me against HPV just made sense to me. It’s part of me being responsible for my own sexuality.

    I disagree with some of what people are saying above (for example, regarding clincal drug testing or cell phones causing cancer) because I believe in science and I prefer to have substantiated evidence for my claims.

    However, I do agree that the current advertising campaign for the vaccine reinforces compulsory heterosexuality and, honestly, makes women out to be “sluts.” If males were vaccinated too, the most virulent strains of HPV could conceivably be wiped out in a generation or two.

  22. Even if you had no immediate side effects, you may yet develop them later. Also there have been cases with the HPV vaccine where a young woman, who has never tested positive to HPV, developed HPV a year after having the vaccine. There is no proof that the vaccine works against HPV. There is even less proof that it prevents cancer. Take care jeremiad. I find white, male supremacist science truly despicable.

  23. Because the patriarchal “values” of profit (and woman-hating)have contaminated “science” to the point that it is up for grabs in many areas (wimmins’ health especially), with results skewed according to who’s buying the research, we “trust” so-called “medical science” to our peril. Ditto, Allecto, “male supremacist science truly despicable.”

    Baby formula company “science” has notoriously been anti-woman, anti-child. Much of the bogus pharmaceutical harms to women never become refuted or discussed in the press because of big pharma’s legal disclaimers (the fine print and rapid-speak now being used on TV to follow the glowing adverts about the drugs’ supposed benefits). Moreover, the US legal system has taken a global, multi-national corporate lead in shrouding the drug-company abuses in settlement confidentiality with court approval. I’ve worked behind the scenes (long past) under the shroud of confidentiality in mass-tort drug/RX cases. I have on good authority that it’s still going on; a neighbor works for a mass-tort law firm.

    I wouldn’t willingly take a prescription drug if you gave it to me with red roses accompanying. Nobody talks much about the flesh-eating bacteria killing people in hospitals, but another friend is a RN who works in a hospital and it’s definitely going on — the multi-decade over-use of antibiotics prescribed by MDs wanting to seem like major deities has resulted in killer bacteria capable of rapid mutation to beat the docs’ drugs.

    I’m well into my 50’s and haven’t let an allopathic physician get near my body for 20 years. And I’m the healthiest person my age I know. Gardasil be damned. And no offense intended, Jeremiad. I truly hope you have no ill effects of any vaccine or other drugs, and my hope is for you to have more information for the future. (Interesting name, Jeremiad; suggests you enjoy discourse of this type.)

    It’s deeply difficult to face the huge extent to which we’re being lied to on a consistent basis by the “establishment,” and it took me many decades to be able to face it and find my own way with the supportive words of global sisters like Allecto.

    I couldn’t accept the patriarchal watering down via man-made “faith” to trump the fear of facing what evils regularly operate under patriarchy, but eventually I found the Great Mother, Her Dark Cauldron, and made a feminist peace with Christianity (finding the Mother and the feminist Wisdom of Christ) as my faith tradition. Allecto’s writing has hugely helped to confirm the spiritual faith that carries me. How she’s become so staunch a women’s liberationist in young adulthood impresses me with great joy whenever I come to visit this blog.

    Let me take this opportunity to thank you directly, Allecto, and all who come to converse here. May we be blessed.

    Thank you, Allecto, and thank you, too, Jeremiad, for being the catalyst for discussion that may help more women everywhere to break freer of the patriarchal abuses to our minds, spirits and bodies.

  24. Yay, go Judy. You are so awesome woman. Thank you for leaving these beautiful life-affirming/spritual/liberationist tracts here. You are so inspiring. Thank you.

  25. Women need to be informed – not fall into line like sheep…
    The current cervical screening campaign does not differentiate between a couple who were virgins and are in an exclusive relationship and a woman who is high risk – that’s ridiculous…
    Many Drs go into hysterics if you say you’re not having smears or even question the need…
    My husband & I were virgins – no one else involved – we haven’t been exposed to HPV and I don’t need smear tests.
    I eventually sought advice from a top female gyno to get the GP’s off my back.
    Knowledge is power!
    Some good news for those of you infected with HPV and having smear tests – a blood test is on the way to replace the smear – it’s called the CSA Test – Cervical Specific Antigen. The current smear testing is about 70% reliable – this blood test will be close to 100%…
    I’ve read that some doctors and pathologists may resist this Test – it will do away with the need for smears and costly pathology – this Test is much cheaper, straight forward and more reliable.
    Search the internet using the full name of the Test and you’ll find some information from the Cervius PL site and Medicine & Man…
    Good luck everyone…

  26. Go you Michaela! Knowledge is indeed power. It is good that you did your research before going along with what the doctors tell you. Thank you for the information about the CSA test. It sounds a lot less invasive than a pap smear.

  27. omg i just got those shots and nothing like that happened to me but i still have one shot ahead of me and now i am relly scared to get it now but the first shot and the second shot did nothing to me so are u ok now????

  28. Why don’t we have a HPV test for men?
    Every year there is another test for women, yet the other half of the problem is ignored.
    If women could ask men to be tested before any sexual activity, you could ensure no HPV infection. Also, we hear about pap smears, but what about prevention?
    If we start having sex at 18 or older and use condoms with someone of unknown HPV status, we bring down the already small risk of this cancer. One study showed women who always insisted on condoms had 70% less HPV than non-condom users – perfect use and the protection may be higher.
    Limiting partners is another preventative measure.
    If you’re in a lifetime mutually monogamous relationship, you have nothing to fear from cervical cancer. (and I know he might be unfaithful, but surely that’s a matter for each woman)
    I think the over-reaction to this uncommon cancer has diverted attention away from high risk areas like obesity, binge drinking, lack of exercise, a good diet, healthy weight range…and no smoking.
    Remember a high risk woman has a 99% chance of not getting cervical cancer and a low risk woman has a risk close to zero…overdoing smears just causes harm.

  29. Are you all aware that if a woman has already been exposed to HPV and is vaccinated, her risk of cervical cancer is actually increased…
    Of course, doctors haven’t mentioned this serious risk factor to women.
    Once again, we’re the last to be told…
    There is info on line – just google the subject.

  30. http://www.foodconsumer.org/newsite/Non-food/Drug/cervical_cancer_gardasil_2007100646.html

    Here is one article, there are many more…

  31. Beware women everywhere…just leaked out that women who are vaccinated with Gardasil AND are already infected with HPV, increase their risk of getting cervical cancer.
    Yes, once again, women are the last to know or hear about the risks of these tests, vaccines and exams.
    If you google the subject, you’ll find the articles. It increases the risk by around 45%, but remember your top risk of getting cervical cancer is 1% (and near zero for low risk women) so it’s still a tiny risk.
    Exaggerating the risk serves doctors well, the excess colposcopy business in the States is worth one billion dollars a year. I believe this test would not be used for mass screening these days, any test that causes such vast over-detection and harmful over-treatment to help fewer than 1% of women would be considered unacceptable and unethical.

  32. I remember that, here, 10 years old girls were vaccinated for free with Gardasil in school. It wasn’t a great success as (ironically) after a campaign of some very conservative persons, conservative religious people (and some other people- through many of them were on the political right), and of course, a few doctors who warned people that it is a useless vaccine with possible dangerous effects- quite few parents actually “let” their daughters to be vaccinated.
    Usually I would say that if this people say something, the opposite is probably true, but in this case I think it is better to be safe than sorry.

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