Bush Lemons

April 18, 2008


Last weekend I had the best time. I’ve joined a lesbian bushwalking group up here in the Blue mountains called the Bush Lemons. It is a group of older dykes, which is nice for Dissenter and I because we don’t have to deal with the young queer lesbians. I really like the women who are part of the group. I feel there is such an awesome gynocentric atmosphere created by lesbians communing with each other and Mother Earth. And older dykes are real womyn. They are earth womyn, they are spirit womyn, they are sister womyn.


Unbelievably, these photos were taken less than 10 kilometres away from where Dissenter and I live. We had no idea this walk existed. I really want to get a bike. The walk we went on descended steeply into a valley, continued along by a creek, then went along a ledge on the side of a mountain until it reached a cave with a pool and a small waterfall.

Of course the water was an immediate invitation for me to strip and jump in. No one else would join me, however, citing such frivolous nonsense as the freezing cold temperature of the water, as some sort of paltry excuse. Oh well, their loss.

The Bush Lemons are going on my favourite walk this weekend, down to the bottom of Wentworth Falls. I hope it isn’t too cold to go swimming.

Ah, this planet is so beautiful. It makes my heart just ache, to see how we are killing her.


  1. This crone certainly appreciates your sharing time and experiences with older women. In my post-menopausal years I have certainly found reserves of peacefulness and appreciation for animals, plants, and the earth that I haven’t had since attaining womanhood got me lost in the detritus of sexism for decades. And thank you for breathtaking pictures!

  2. Wow. It looks absolutely beautiful! I’m glad that you had such a wonderful time in a beautiful place connecting with the women who were with you.

    You discovered a beautiful place near you also. How excellent.

  3. Well I just love older wimmin. I don’t really get on with most of my generation. The wonderful radical feminist younger wimmin excepted. So really we both gain heaps. 😀 Yes, nature really is my spirituality. Our Mother Earth is such an intimate part of who and what we are. It makes me so sad that most Westerners do not have respect for her.

    Thanks Celly. I am lucky enough to live in the Blue Mountains and beauty is pretty hard to avoid up here. But it is always exciting to discover new places of wonder.

  4. Bush Lemons is the name of a kickass band that hasn’t happened yet.

    And now I must go plan a little 4 day camping trip or something because those photos make my hiker heel ache–beautiful!

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