Comment Moderation

March 27, 2008

I am just going to delete whatever the fuck I want whenever the fuck I want to. I’m not going to bother with having rules. This will be an unapologetically radically feminist space. If what I write offends you go elsewhere.

This is what my Comment Moderation looks like now.

Comment Moderation

I love the fact that I can control what is being said on this space. I am delete happy and will delete stupid, pointless comments just because I can. Don’t bother commenting if you think that I am not going to listen to you. You are probably right.


  1. Ooh that’s looks just like my comment policy! 🙂

    Seriously, it’s the only way to have a safe space without lots of really tedious, obnoxious, or just plain *wrong* people cluttering up the place.

    Good for you! xxx

  2. Here here!

    I look forward to reading and participating.

  3. Thanks Debs and Eich.

    Yep, Debs, I hate clutter. Besides I am an evil, narrow-minded bigot who doesn’t have the courage to face ‘dissent’ and that is why I delete stupid comments.

    Eich, I too very much look forward to conversing with you.

  4. Glad to hear you’re happy to exercise control on you own blog! I moderate comments according to my ethos of non-cooperation with and disloyalty to men.

  5. Go on with it Allecto!

  6. Exactly like my moderation policy which has, as of the last week, become positively draconian. Works for me! Go you, Allecto.

  7. Well, you know what’s going to happen, don’t you? Your comments section is going to read like an uninterrupted thoughtful conversation amongst radical feminists. That’s something we’re not supposed to be able to find, or participate in, on the internet.


  8. Welcome, Arantxa. I’ve been meaning to add you to my blogroll for ages.

    Thanks pisaquari.

    You draconian Heart? I’ll never believe it!

    Mary, Oh noes the world is going to end!!! Radical feminists participating in thoughtful discussions without being interrupted!!!

  9. I too am discovering the rush of the “reject” button under comments. I got a long comment on my piece about Yale’s sex week. The first thing I noticed was that the writer called it “glib.” (Well, there are only so many ways for people hurt by porn to talk about it. You can’t cry ALL of the time, so sometimes sarcasm works.) Anyway, I deleted it without bothering to read it all. What a rush of power to be able to have the conversations we want, finally, without being interrupted by the b.s. that dominates EVERY SINGLE OTHER SPACE.

  10. Hey ceejay, I think us rad fems have got to stop feeling like we have to apologise for how we write. Sometimes sarcasm is the only way of coping with all the hate. Of course we can’t cry all the time. You have no idea how many comments that I have recently deleted, barely even reading the first sentence. And yes, BS ain’t welcome here.

  11. Damn right, Allecto!

    Comment moderation is great! And the people who claim that we are “censoring” them are usually the misogynists or the pro-porners who are trying to shut us up, BTW.

    We, rad fems, will not be silenced!

  12. Yeah, I kind of suck at draconian, I admit.

    Though lately…

    I don’t really have any problem deleting the comments of pro-porn, pro-prostitution people, anti-feminists, men, etc. I’ve been doing that forever. Where I struggle is with the comments of radical feminists. Until recently, generally, I approved the comments of radical feminists, even when I disagreed in ways, to be in solidarity with radical feminists. I just can’t do it any more and it’s killing me, but I can’t.

  13. How the hell do that many hostile people even find you? I don’t get it. And then, why do they bother writing? I don’t write to Republicans or pro-lifers and expect them to say, “Hey, thanks for writing.” What do they expect, I wonder.

  14. Heart, i’ve been having a really hard time deleting women’s comments generally. I had quite a few women come onto my lj disclosing stories of rape and telling me that calling prostitution rape, or coerced/manipulated ‘sex’ rape, trivialised their experiences. I really didn’t know how to deal with that situation. I left some of their comments but not all of them.

    I honestly don’t know how you do it, Heart. I find it so difficult to embrace ideologies that are so against everything I believe in as a radical feminist. For example, my banning pro-capitalist comments, I still fully believe in my right to do that, but it did cause some upset.

    Ceejay: Some random fan of Joss Whedon decided to post a link to my post on Firefly on an Joss Whedon fan blog. As far as I can tell the post has spread far and wide over the live journal community. I have now closed comments on my lj and I am still getting comments, many of them from women, telling me to shut up. As to why they bother reading what I write and responding, I have no idea. I actually think that whoever posted the link did me a favour as it gave me a far bigger audience than I have ever had before. And it has sparked discussions of misogyny in Firefly in places that it would never have even been an issue.

  15. I was really moved By your comment –

    “I had quite a few women come on my lj disclosing stories of rape and telling me that calling prostitution rape, or coerced/manipulated ‘sex’ rape, trivialised their experiences…. I left some of their comment but not all of them.”

    I really think you have made very good choices.
    I believe that women who are brave enough to disclose their experiences of rape will be in pain and could be feeling some frustrated rage. I can understand why they would hit out at the wrong targets.
    It is told to women every day that there good and bad rapes. The “good” being stranger-rape especially with extreme violence. Then all the other forms of rape are made “bad”, that is there is always some excuse made for the rapist.
    Prostituted women are protrayed as if they never get raped. So, I do understand why women who are disclosing rape want to distance themselves from prostituted women. For they have been taught that postituted women are not like them, therefore it is hard to have empathy with them.
    The pain of rape can make you lose empathy and compassion. This is very sad, but not surpising.
    Men makes sure rape victims put themselves into hierarchies. This mean it encourages women to blame themselves and other women. And can mean women are less likely to report rape.
    I think that women who are disclosing rape to you are reaching out towards feminism. Although it very hurtful reading women blaming other women, it is part of their journey.

  16. I understand what you and Heart are saying re: difficulty deleting some comments, especially from other radfems. I have let them through in the past, but they do seem to cause trouble.

    It’s a tricky balance to get – it’s a personal blog, so you want complete control of what goes on it, but people also expect it to be like a public forum and think you should let everyone have their say. I’m quite delete happy, because the former is more important to me than the latter.

    All it takes is for someone to put a link to you on some wider platform, and suddenly you’re famous! It’s happened to me, and I don’t like it at all, although I can see there are some positives to it.

    Anyway, I hope you’re okay Allecto. Despite the positives, it can get a bit stressful having all this un-asked-for attention. xx

  17. It is told to women every day that there good and bad rapes. The “good” being stranger-rape especially with extreme violence. Then all the other forms of rape are made “bad”, that is there is always some excuse made for the rapist.

    Some women traumatised by obstetric violence have had similar reactions to their naming of their own experiences as “rape”.

    It’s kinda hard to see how it isn’t rape to have a person forcing their fingers or instruments into your vagina while you’re restrained and saying “NO! NO!”

    Yet these women are not ‘allowed’ to experience the feelings they have – and they’re repeatedly revictimised by people being shocked, shushing them, telling them that they’re selfish for wanting not to be raped while birthing, and telling them they should be grateful and happy that they “have a healthy baby”, because that’s the “only important thing”.

  18. Thinking about it, most of the comments I delete are from people whining because I delete comments all the time and don’t allow a “proper debate”. Hee heee 🙂

  19. I also don’t read past the first few words in most of the comments I don’t publish but I keep them for later and pick out the funny lines which I then put in the ‘recycling bin’.

  20. Ooh I didn’t know about the recycling bin! 🙂

    Regarding obstetric rape, lauredhel, definitely I’ve experienced that. I asked him to stop several times, to no avail, and I bled for 3 days afterwards. This is a topic that really needs wider discussion. x

  21. I’m sorry Debs 😦

  22. Thanks for all the words of support everyone.

    Rebecca, thank you so much for your comment. I just felt so awful about all these women telling me that I was trivialising their experiences. Of course, rape is never trivial. And I would never say that it was.

    Welcome, lauredhel. Thanks for bringing up medical violations. I’ve recently become very interested in the reproductive tchnologies. There is some disturbing stuff happening. You should be on my blogroll and you’re not. Adding…

    Arantxa, I was thinking of doing something similar. The recycling bin is a good idea. I have gotten this really stomach turningly racist comment on one of my posts about indignous rights. I kinda don’t want to delete it just in case I ever start wondering why I do the work I do. And I want to use it somehow to show that racism against indigenous people in this country is very much alive.

    Debs, yes medical violations are definitely something that needs further analysis. What happened to you was most certainly rape, it is sickening that violations are routine within patriarchal medicine. Hugs.

  23. Good grief, how did we get from comment moderation to rape? Thanks Allecto, and thanks Lauredhel, you’ve inspired me to blog about this subject. x

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