allecto relocates

January 17, 2008

Hey all,

This is now allecto’s new home. My old home is here Gorgon Poisons.



  1. Welcome to your new home, Allecto.



  2. Hi. I really hope you enjoy your new blog. It looks really good. Bye for now, Rebecca.

  3. Welcome to your new home allecto!

    You might want to take a look at your link to womensspace and pluralise the womAn part.

    Happy wordpressing.
    : )

  4. Thanks all. I’m still busy trying to figure out how to manage this thing so I may not be posting immediately.

    Thanks Starfish. The link is now fixed.

  5. Your header is beautiful 🙂

  6. Hiya, Allecto!

    Welcome! I’ve linked to you here, by the way.

    I’ll also have a look at your old home as I just discovered your websites today.

    I agree with Sparkle*Matrix: The picture you’ve put as a header for your blog here is absolutely beautiful! I’ll check out your blog now and again.

    Pleased to meet you!

    In Sisterhood,


  7. HI DANI!!!!!

    Sorry to see ya leave lj, but HAPPY to see ya here. I’ve added you to my list of fave web places. And am glad too see myself on your blogroll. 😀

  8. Thanks Sparkle and Maggie. I have a bit of an unusual hobby. I like to hike pretty dresses on my bush walks and take pictures. And that header is one of the results. Umm not particularly feminist of me but hey.

    And ((Demonista)). Of course you’re on my blogroll. There’s no way I’m leaving you behind!!!

  9. Hey, this is lovely. I will update. 🙂

  10. Hope you settle in well in your new home x

  11. Favorited.

    Purple is divine…I join the peanut gallery.

  12. Thanks Debs, somehow you slipped off my blogroll. You are now back on there.

    Purple is my favourite colour, pisaquari. Thanks for stopping by.

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